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for Mine Is A Four Letter Word

1/12/2014 c22 vangrrl
Glad he burned that paper to avoid the temptation to use the number ...
1/12/2014 c21 vangrrl
I am so glad that Eric didn't like her grovelling and begging him as well ...
1/12/2014 c19 vangrrl
Oh, Henrik ... poor guy! At least he is mature and selfless enough to let her go without making her feel guilty ...
1/12/2014 c16 vangrrl
1/12/2014 c14 vangrrl
Dun dun dun, indeed! Love the addition of King Viggo ... :)
1/12/2014 c9 vangrrl
Uh oh ... Eric is not going to give any snaps to this haiku, I dare say ...
1/11/2014 c3 vangrrl
Damn you, Bill, why must you act this way?!

Loving this story so far ... :)
1/7/2014 c1 randyzoopurple
12/26/2013 c21 caraway seed
You write the best and most complex triangle, that I've ever read in this 'verse.
12/26/2013 c5 caraway seed
I had never read this until Morggy's suggestion. It is great! I like your smart and mature Sookie, and your clever but unreconstructed Viking. Good writing!
12/13/2013 c4 afeltyz
12/12/2013 c1 afeltyz
I am just entranced right now. I need to leave for work but you've set this little devil on my shoulder that keeps whispering "Open it in a tiny window at work. No one will know!"
12/2/2013 c34 Guest
I've read the first thirty chapters in the last two days, and I loved it! Thanks for creating a plausible Sookie/Eric.
11/29/2013 c37 Guest
For a doctor, he's quite stupid.
11/29/2013 c35 Guest
Sookie is too much trouble than she's worth.
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