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for Katherine

9/28/2013 c1 8TallDarkAndHandsome
Haha i love how they were in like a flirting contest trying to out play each other. Nice. Although I thought Damon wasn't a player when he was human. Sage taught him all that stuff.
11/6/2011 c1 Sunshine
Thi is Brilliant! I'm obssesed with these two:)
8/4/2010 c1 6shobsnet02
Great story but the he and she is quite confusing, you could use their names. :D
1/16/2010 c1 7MadeleineQ
very good story.! please update it's really good.!
1/6/2010 c1 42Death'sAngel18
nice chapter can't wait for more!
1/6/2010 c1 Hauntingly.Beautiful
Wow, this is really good! I liked the dynamic of the storyline and I am really looking forward to read more for this story. I can't wait to see where you are going to take the love story of Damon, Stefan, and Katherine. In this chapter, Damon was definitely in character along with Katherine. You portrayed Katherine as a young seductive woman and I think that that excellent. Keep up the good work and please update! Thanks! :D

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