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10/21/2011 c1 37Mattricole
I loved this story, funny yet cute. One problem, this is listed as Link and Midna, not Link and Epona. And seeing as Midna is not a main character (at least from my perspective) then this is falsly advertised. Not a big deal, but just a bit odd.
12/3/2010 c1 2JaspeR.SayS.RelaX.0001
Heh. Good story :3 I was annoyed that she only spoke like, two sentences in the whole game too... Good job :)
5/1/2010 c1 Magestig20
Nice conversation between friends.
1/30/2010 c1 10ThePhantomWolf
Aww, Epona's jealous :) That was a nice story.
1/9/2010 c1 Illy
I liked it. It was different than I thought it was going to be but was better for that too.
1/6/2010 c1 5Enits'ju
Lol I loved it. I have to admit that I was also disappointed at the lack of dialogue when he talk to Epona. (I was hella excited to see what she said but then she's all like "turn back now!") So glad that you wrote this! :D

At the beginning Epona came off as being a little regal and proud or something. It would have been interesting to hear her thoughts on Ilia though.
1/6/2010 c1 7Jacovi
Great story! I love how you portrayed Link and Epona's relationship. ^^ It was very cute and I love the story about the black mare.

1/6/2010 c1 16ShadowMan90
I can picture Epona saying something like 'Link, you'd better not be cheating on me...with another horse.' XD
1/6/2010 c1 174Shadsie
Hmm. I'd like to know just why the man wanted to trade horses with Link - he had to have seen something in Epona to offer him the well-bred mare. It would be nice to know what that is. Perhaps the man was looking for a seasoned battle-steed in these dark times and his own horse hadn't seen war?

Otherwise, fairly cute and fairly "horsey" I think. I've done a lot of stable-work and they do get attatched to their masters, at least to ones that treat them right.

I also might add Epona's reluctance to speak to Link in wolf-form as being due to a primal fear. Wolves and dogs are a primal fear for horses, as in wild settings, they are a primary predator. That's why I figured Epona was always eager for Link to turn back. She trusted the Hylian, but had a primal fear of the wolf (I could see her being embarassed by this, too).
1/6/2010 c1 7NinjaSheik
1/6/2010 c1 4infinitysphere
And I am the first to review. :D

Good. Not so much comedy, perhaps, but it's still well written.

The part where Epona turns jealous actually brought a lot of depth to the story.

You could put it under General/Friendship, just a suggestion.

It's a bit late, but...hope you have a great year!

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