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3/17 c26 Perlgrl54107829
This is where I have a major problem with Temperance. She is stubborn to a fault and has never learned that her implacable stubbornness gets her nowhere.
8/18/2016 c40 Grifter67
First time reviews and let me just say I am loving the story so far, I'm really glad you didn't have them listen to Angela. She's a good friend but honestly sometimes she really annoys the hell out of me. I like Booth's take charge attitude after what he's been through over the last four years he and Brennan both deserved to get what, when they want it. Pun intended. lol
2/8/2016 c41 Bones2014
As I stated after reading the first story, I can't wait to get to the end of a great story, but hate when I get to tjis two one was just as good , even better than the last one. A fantastic series. And my fave little family is together. What could be better? Can't wait to start the next one.
2/8/2016 c40 Bones2014
Well, you've done it once again. PERFECTION. ABSOLUTE PERFECTION.
2/8/2016 c39 Bones2014
That was a surprising turn of events coming from Angela. It's like she & Brennan switched roles. God I love Booth.
2/8/2016 c38 Bones2014
This just gets better & better. I don't know how they were able to stop? They've been moving toward this place for 9,years? And now that they're at that perfect place together, the one person who has been doing everything in her power to get them there interrupts their union. Oh to see the look on Angela's face:)
2/8/2016 c37 Bones2014
That was a perfect chapter. I always assumed she would explore his body with her hands before all else, & that it was a testament to his live for her that he allowed this. And the fact that he just wanted to hold her...absolutely beautiful, sensual, & so them. Perfection!
2/7/2016 c31 Bones2014
Oh that was beautiful. And yes, I'm balling like a baby again. Thank you very much. That was perfect.
2/7/2016 c29 Bones2014
Oh I see. Parker didn't give her a choice. He wants to see his dad. Good for him. And Harding is a guy of many talents. Like his friend & mentor.
2/7/2016 c28 Bones2014
She let him call. Ace must have done some smooth talking. God bless him. The man needs his family that he worked so hard to protect. Loved this.
2/7/2016 c27 Bones2014
I sure hope we get to see parker's letter. Surely Rebecca will come around? Parker needs his dad as well.
2/7/2016 c25 Bones2014
Watching guys have a child wrap themselves around their little finger is the cutest thing ever:)
2/7/2016 c23 Bones2014
What a nightmare. This little family has been through so much.
2/7/2016 c22 Bones2014
I'm glad someone was thinking about Parker. Booth needs his whole family to survive this. Brennan knows his needs better than anyone else.
2/7/2016 c20 Bones2014
I hope this goes well. And our little girl loves her DADDY! Best sentence so far:)
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