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4/19 c31 MASHFanficChick
Two years-and a jump from Emergency! fandom to Hawaii Five-0 fandom-on, and I still adore this story! xoxo

(And, still, FFN won't allow more than one review per chapter. Sigh.)
4/10 c34 3Agirlofmanyfandoms101
I’ve really enjoyed reading this and can’t wait for more!
3/26 c34 4gcrazyme
The more you write, the better I like! Please don't forget us?
3/11 c34 GageDeSotoFan
Really looking forward to the next installment. Thanks for the fun.
3/11 c33 GageDeSotoFan
Love this story.
2/17 c34 82Madilayn
Thoroughly enjoying this. So glad you are still going with it!

I would love to see what the other members of 51 are doing wit htheir assignments!
2/11 c31 trout1986
I still enjoy this story after many reads.
Is there a possibility you could put all your stories on A03, it is so much easier to read there.
1/19 c34 Guest
Please continue this story. It is awesome!
1/18 c34 Mstaz308
I hope you will finish this story. I know life gets in the way at timf
1/14 c12 Guest
Please finish this story and would love if you would share the recipe for poor mans roast it sounds very yummy
1/13 c34 4gcrazyme
Great 2018 chapter! It's only January, and I'm hoping for a few more new chapter notifications this year? (Pretty please. ️)
12/18/2017 c1 3Agirlofmanyfandoms101
Love this story
11/28/2017 c34 2MoonWind Dancer
Eagerly awaiting an update! Totally love this story!
11/11/2017 c34 Guest
Any chance you are going to update this story soon?
10/24/2017 c34 Cathie
I decided to read this story and fell in love with it. Waiting for the next chapter.
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