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15h c34 Ginger713
This is a really fun saga/crossover! I'm hooked, and I hope you will update or finish it SOON! :) Poor Johnny has managed to find trouble even in paradise. he-he! I like how they are changing the minds over there to becoming more accepting of the paramedic program. It's fun that you have written Johnny & Dr. Kelly Brackett as room-mates, because they have such an interesting relationship-a dr/patient, a boss/underling plus sometimes I can see them as a father/son, and here you have written them as friends. All of that means is they can get into different kinds of trouble together, and it's FUN to read about it. LOL Thanks for a great story. I look forward to MORE of it! :)
7/6 c34 Guest
Please continue this story! It is wonderfully written and an absolute joy to read.
6/12 c34 Sg1robinson
Oh Great Pumpkin where are you?! I am patiently waiting on the next chapter(s) to this wonderful story, but alas, nothing. Please grace us (me) with more chapters!
4/19 c31 MASHFanficChick
Two years-and a jump from Emergency! fandom to Hawaii Five-0 fandom-on, and I still adore this story! xoxo

(And, still, FFN won't allow more than one review per chapter. Sigh.)
4/10 c34 3Agirlofmanyfandoms101
I’ve really enjoyed reading this and can’t wait for more!
3/26 c34 4gcrazyme
The more you write, the better I like! Please don't forget us?
3/11 c34 GageDeSotoFan
Really looking forward to the next installment. Thanks for the fun.
3/11 c33 GageDeSotoFan
Love this story.
2/17 c34 84Madilayn
Thoroughly enjoying this. So glad you are still going with it!

I would love to see what the other members of 51 are doing wit htheir assignments!
2/11 c31 trout1986
I still enjoy this story after many reads.
Is there a possibility you could put all your stories on A03, it is so much easier to read there.
1/19 c34 Guest
Please continue this story. It is awesome!
1/18 c34 Mstaz308
I hope you will finish this story. I know life gets in the way at timf
1/14 c12 Guest
Please finish this story and would love if you would share the recipe for poor mans roast it sounds very yummy
1/13 c34 4gcrazyme
Great 2018 chapter! It's only January, and I'm hoping for a few more new chapter notifications this year? (Pretty please. ️)
12/18/2017 c1 3Agirlofmanyfandoms101
Love this story
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