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5/27/2011 c2 12Queen Mab the Eccentric
great story so far, and i love your prize offer, i just finished a can of mountain dew ;) reace love smily face
4/9/2010 c4
wow. woah. i really like it!

its so well written and a great storyline!

omg i love it so much!

um, an idea - (i no im crap at ideas :3)

mabey sweeney starts getting kinda shy and agro at sarasponda and lots of chemistry bubbles like, lotsa warm fuzzie moments, mabey under the stars?

hehe i no, bad idea, but still..

please update! :D
3/15/2010 c1 Alexxx22
Oh my gaawwd! that was great! you were reviewing so many of my stories, so i decided to check yours (because i am nice like that) and it was A-MAZING! YOU HAVE A LOT OF TALENT!
3/8/2010 c4 31linalove
I'm glad you updated.I loved it.

More soon?

x Lina :)
2/18/2010 c3 23Allycatt
Oh, I like it! As if she knew Ben! I love stories like that :)

Just one point of worry for me... hold onto the Sweeney-Snogging for a few "days" in the story. I know his sexy-ness is hard to resist, but I think he'd be a bit too upset for to quite yet :)

Keep writing! I look forward to the next chapter ;)


2/16/2010 c3 31linalove
Wow!I'm surprised.She knew Benjamin?That's great!XD

I can't wait to read more!

x Lina :)
2/15/2010 c3 8Lil'RedAndTheSourWolf
More more more!
1/18/2010 c2 31linalove
This was lovely.And he seemed to like her already...hmm,interesting.

Please update soon.

xLina :)
1/17/2010 c2 5lordofthebreakdance
Interesting. I do believe Sweeney has met his match with Sarasponda. Don't push it too soon though, he's still isolated and crazy so he should a little more standoffish.
1/10/2010 c1 13101307

I like it!

Write more please? It's awesome!

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