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6/25/2015 c1 3Akoto3725
Lol what the f did I just read?
Oh God you made my day! :'D
8/4/2012 c1 rAIndOMeAssUty1
does this refer to edward & renesme? Luke and Darth Vader? a mix? or some other charcter that i haven't mentioned? just wondering.
7/23/2010 c1 2CarolinaxBaby
LOL. Smart Ass.
7/23/2010 c1 59SisterOfAnElvenWannabe
ok weird but lol
6/29/2010 c1 1ImpatientSnake
Got your quotes messed up. If I was sure that this was a joke to the shitfest known as Twilight, I'd insult you. Otherwise, please continue to make fun of such a lousy, two-bit piece of "literature," that is Twilight.
4/4/2010 c1 10Michelle Winchester
WTF funny though

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