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5/25/2011 c1 10inusgirllovesmonkeys
It's creepy, I began reading this at exactly 2:48 am...niiiice
10/25/2010 c4 5chronodekar
Now, I like WAFF. Well, not always, but there's usually a place for it in my life.

But, when you read more than hundreds of Ranma 1/2 fanfiction, you start to recognize ... cliches? repetitions? ... not sure what the word is, but you get the idea.

What DO I recognize? Well, I like that R+A kissed. And slept together. That was fun. It's something I like reading again and again (NOT hentai!). But then, after that, we see Nabiki plotting AGAINST R+A. The 2 fathers, ... being idiotic. And towards the end of chapter 4, Ryoga's secret getting exposed with Akane. I'm guessing that she explodes, and a skim of chapter 5, confirms my guess.

It's not that these are a bad thing. Its just that, if you changed the way R+A act, then I say you may as well change the others as well. Or perhaps flesh things out a bit? A tall order, I know. Especially since, I've never written any Ranma fanfiction myself. But still ... I can complain, can't I? (wink)


Perhaps I'll come back to this story some other time. Knowing me, when I read everything else, I just might. But, until then, I'm putting this story on hold.

FrictionX42, have you tried any Alternate Universe stories? I'm curious to read something along those lines, if its written by you.

Oh yeah, before I forget. I liked the 'rooftop' stories before this. Really WAFFY and sweet! Loved that! In fact, I'm going to add both of THOSE to my favorites list.

10/8/2010 c1 Octopus INk
Fuck you asswripe! I hate you all fics! Suck my feet!
9/24/2010 c10 5RanmaAndAkane4Love
YAAAY! a new part ^-^ aww it was cute with the tickleing lol

and Aww! so sorry to hear about you being so far away form your family :'(

and holy- i bet it was Kasumi =O uh-oh eeek i gotta see more soon =O Can't wait for the fight but i alos love the Ranma and Akane stuff so its all great!

and as alwasys your story is just great
8/20/2010 c10 Z-chan-chan
when will be the next chapter I'm so exited. Thanks for the great story
7/24/2010 c10 13creativesm75
7/14/2010 c10 1Rocco13
Nice freakin fanfic.
7/10/2010 c10 7PiNkBuN17

I can't wait! :D This story is awesome! :)
7/10/2010 c9 PiNkBuN17
Yay another great chapter!

As for lemons if you put in under the rating M it is fine.


7/10/2010 c8 PiNkBuN17
Oh man...poor Ranma.

I hope he isn't weak,forever!

(please don't let that be!)
7/10/2010 c7 PiNkBuN17
Awesome,but I have to add Akane's not THAT strong. That part was taken wayyy to far. Other then that I'm loving your story!
7/10/2010 c6 PiNkBuN17
Wow another awesome chapter~ This is gettin' better and better!
7/10/2010 c5 PiNkBuN17
Oh damn Akane nearly killed 'P-chan' XD

But this is insane. Ranma's ki?

Jeez I need to read more!
7/10/2010 c4 PiNkBuN17
Ranma fainted?

*cracks up laughing*

Oh boy...*laughs more* Stupid pig! XD
7/10/2010 c3 PiNkBuN17
Stupid pig boy...grrr he pisses me off!
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