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for Crows in the Wheatfield

8/28/2010 c27 4Sherlock's Imaginary Friend
It's so unfair that some people can write so well, and keep their charactors... well, in charactor. oh wel, that's the way of the world, i guess. it's still great, awsome and fantastic with briliance streaked throughout it all. are going to keep writing into the series?
8/28/2010 c27 RoXaS707
Wonderful chapter I just loved all the emotion and drama that you put the Winchesters through, it was very well written. I just loved that you worked in a conflict between Sam and Dean...well I hope that you don't have any more problems with you internet, also your welcome I just love to support an author with my reviews and i hope to read more from you so laters
8/28/2010 c27 70dreamlitnight
wow! This chapter was so amazingly lovely and terribly sad. Poor boys, poor John. You really showed how difficult their life is on all of them. Each of them trying to live, without being a burden on the others, but keeping too many things and hurts hidden. This story is wonderful. Great chapter!
8/28/2010 c27 28vansenwest
This is a very emotional story and I love your style of writing. It's very literally and it would belong in a book.

I don't know if you ever published anything for real and I don't normally say this to fanfic writers, but you should consider it, seriously. You are very good.

Please keep it up.
8/28/2010 c27 Sassafras224
So painfully beautiful! You touched on some key elements in the family dynamic here. I especially like John's POV- how he knows he messed up and wants to be part of Sam & Dean's closeness, but now feels like he doesn't deserve it. You somehow managed to pull that off without giving the sense that John was throwing himself a pity party, which made his character seem more sympathetic and (for me, anyway) made Dean's choice to stay with him more understandable. Very nicely done!
8/28/2010 c27 35borgmama1of5
"You are turning into him."

Reading that line while knowing the future-Sam, you're the pot calling the kettle black...

"Where and when had he failed his little brother so completely?"

Oh Dean, you always blame yourself (sound of my heart breaking for him)

"Walking towards his father felt natural to Dean, a familiar pull that almost made him feel like he did the right thing in letting his brother go now. But at the same time the emptiness beside him, the lack of that other part, that other focus that had kept him going on all this time made Dean realize that, without his brother, a big part of his fight had become meaningless, almost."

You nailed that sentence-that is the whole chapter right there...

I hate when the boys part ways :(
8/27/2010 c19 rog457
I havent reviewed in a number of chapters, sorry.

the last few chapters have been amazing, between the flight from the hospital,getting to the safe house with its history for Dean, Dean getting delerious and then John insisting on going on a hunt. It kept me riveted.

The descriptions of how hard Dean was trying to hide the pain he was in,because he thought it would make him appear weak in Johns eyes, while John was astonished and finally after Dean saved him from the witch, he was in awe of Deans heroic ability to keep going. As much as it would have embarrassed Dean, John should tell him those things. Dean should know that his father doesnt expect him to be invincible, that he can occasionally admit to being hurt and tired and be able to let his guard down, if only just a little.

Maybe, just maybe, John will admit that he made a mistake, that Dean was right, but I doubt it.

Back to reading this wonderful story.
8/27/2010 c26 4Sherlock's Imaginary Friend
Hi! just finished reading what's up, ad i must say that it's overly awsome! i really really really like it. trust me, theeis no reason to worry about putting your chapter up! seriously, it all absoluty awsome to the point where there is nothing in the english vocabulary that i'm aware of to describe how absolutly awsome it is! please please please keep going!
8/24/2010 c26 20Rosetta Brunestud
Aw... I'll miss Sammy in the fanfic y.y He's so great! aahhaha

I loved the chapter ^^

See you next one then ^~

Take care o/

8/24/2010 c25 Rosetta Brunestud
Great *-* The fight was so intense... I could almost see it lol

About Sam, I think that going there to see if Dean was okay was a big gesture, we can't really ask for more than that.

Well, everyone gets delayed sometimes, sweetie, that's nothing to be sorry for ^^ I just hope you don't give up on the story before it ends xDD That is something that really makes me sad ^^

I'll miss that story when it comes to an end ehehe But I'm also anxious about it ^~

Well, see you next chap =D

8/24/2010 c26 22DragonChild85
Sweeties, I wouldn't worry about this chapter at all. This is a beautiful gem of a chapter, and it's just perfect.

You managed to capture the agony each of the boys are going through, but not lay it on so heavily that it's overkill. You REALLY feel for Dean here...he's aware enough to start hating his body for breaking down on him, he's hating that Sam's leaving him, he's hating that he's pulling the family all back together, but it's what makes Dean -DEAN-.

And Sam...wow, you did awesome there. *gryns* As righteously indignant as that boy is, you nailed him perfectly. I do feel so bad for Dean, that Sam's gone all too soon, but man...

This is one of my favorite chapters so far. *hugs* You did great!
8/23/2010 c26 61parisindy
gads totally brilliant chapter!
8/22/2010 c26 Jessjess494
Aaaah, poor Dean. I do love him all angsty and hurt! Even though I knew Sam had to be going soon, I still really felt for Dean. Well done, can't wait for more x
8/19/2010 c8 rog457
How I wish John had taken the opportunity to tell Dean how important it is for him the get better, not so he will be able to hunt, but just for him. John wonders why Dean thinks so little of himself, well he says maybe he is the reason, No he is entirely the reason.

Dont get me wrong I am not a John hater, I think he tried his best given his personality and the crazy circumstances he was presented with, but he willingly sacrificed Deans childhood and sense of self. I just wish he would own up to his role in what happens to his sons.
8/19/2010 c7 rog457
Ok I am offically hating John at the moment. Doesnt he know how much it would mean to Dean to talk to Sam, or at least know that he was trying to reach him. Is he so blind to what is really important to Dean that he would purposelly keep the boys apart, or is he just being his normal selfish self? Wanting to keep Dean all to himself and using his need to recover as an excuse.

At least he recognizes Deans tendency toward self-sacrific and putting everyones well being above his own.

I love how you are writing Dean and Johns thought processes, especially Dean
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