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for Crows in the Wheatfield

5/18/2012 c1 3ITrustThyLove
Woaw, uhm... What the fuck? I'm intrigued! I can't wait to go on and read the next chapter. Just thought I'd tell you that I think this is bloody brilliant!
5/17/2012 c17 mzz
wow awesome chapter
5/17/2012 c16 mzz
omg omg but Dean is going to save John right? ;)
4/19/2012 c14 mzz
I said, dad told me you'd lost it – your phone - and that he had to go get it for you… I left you half a dozen messages after, but you never got back to me…"

"When did… Sam, when did you talk to dad?"

sssss Dean is going to be MAD
4/19/2012 c29 rrstarlight
I've just recently discovered you fanfiction and I'm in the process of reading all of it, and I must say you're just about the best Supernatrual writer I've read. The stories are so involving, the characterizations are 'spot on'.I love the way your portray all three of them, but espeically how perfectly you write Dean and Sam.

Your writing is so professional, it's hard to tell your native language is not English. I've picked up on a few things here and there, grammaar mostly, but certainly not enough to take me out of the story. I think you do a fantastic job, can't imagine how most of us would do trying to write in another language.

I can see you haven't written in awhile, really hope you return to it, but if not,just know you've given me many hours of enjoyment.
4/18/2012 c9 mzz
When I read that Dean felt rejected cause Sam kept secrets from him about college and John was keeping secrets too & then I read this:

-"This would be his project, then. Maybe he'd tell dad once it was over and taken care of."

-"Maybe not. He was entitled to have his own secrets, too…"

I was: aww Dean. I wanted to give him a hug :)

-"way too young to begin with and the translation is more than a little faulty. And the way Dean pronounces Sammy...gives me the shivers."

I know!, Spn translated in Spanish is the same, I don't liked it watching it translated, I think that's why Supernatural didn't work here, just in cable with subtitles, but no in Spanish in the main channels.
4/18/2012 c8 mzz
Hi! I've been reading your fic and wow is amazing, the characterization of Sam, Dean and John is incredible and the story is very entertained I was hooked from the first chapter, I've an apology to make, I haven't wrote any comments before, the problem is I was reading it from my ipod cause my laptop is broken, and write from the Ipod is still very difficult for me with my English (that is not my first language) and the autocorrect is driving me crazy, so I'm sorry cause I haven't wrote comments you're story is really AMAZING.
4/9/2012 c29 10Zinfer
Don't worry dean! U won't be alone forever! Ull have Sammy! And then Cas! And Bobby again! *

Great fic! Broke my heart but it was great. Wonderful job with the characters! I approve of hurtDean so this definitely provided. Wonderful job
4/9/2012 c28 Zinfer
Oh dean T_T why u such a good brother and son?
4/9/2012 c27 Zinfer
Ohhhh! So emotional and tragic! Dean! He deserves nothing but love!
4/9/2012 c15 Zinfer
Dean gets so much crap! And dang it Sam needs to know what's going on!
4/9/2012 c12 Zinfer
Awesome! And creepy! I'm loving this fic! Really intense and u do so well with the characters emotions. I was pretty ticked at John for not telling Sam though
4/2/2012 c1 ava87
great story. I enjoy every line and every word. thanks.
1/17/2012 c8 8ABundleOfDaydreams
8/2/2011 c28 Miso Muchi
This was fantastic, if a little morbid. I'm sad to see no real change in the relationship, or deeper understanding. I did like the whole nightmare and scar thing with Dean as a kid. Great work!
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