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8/1/2011 c1 Miso Muchi
Wow, this is some stuff right here. Can't wait to read more.
7/20/2011 c29 2autumnb93
I have to say that this is quite possibly THE BEST fanfiction I have ever read. I have been captivated by your story for days now and I'm almost sad to see the journey end, but the ending was very well and very tastefully done. There's a supernatural novel series, and I remember thinking to myself that your story could easily be part of that series and flourish. Never stop what you do. I look forward to reading more!
5/5/2011 c6 autumnb93
Freaking amazing! My eyes have been glued to the screen for six chapters and i just realized it would be common curtesy to tell you how wonderful it is. I love it and can't wait to continue!
3/23/2011 c29 2Lykaia
Okay. After taking four days to read through the whole story, I guess it's review time.

So, let's get the nasty stuff out of the way first. The first couple of chapters were okay and I didn't catch on to the fact that you weren't a native speaker before chapter 6 or 7 when you used a rather German figure of speech. That's good. However, the last couple of chapters felt rushed out. While still well written, there were a lot of little annoying mistakes. Not enough to make me stop reading, but enough to start bothering me. A beta reader works wonders in that department, but I guess that's old news to you.

So, now. I really enjoyed that story. I liked the way you played with expectations and ambiguities. Death omen and carrion eater vs. guiding spirit. Skinwalker vs. werewolf. That did build up some tension in the first part. I liked the way, you described the inability of all three Winchesters to ever talk about their real feelings and the very different ways they try to mask those feelings or still try to communicate them. The misunderstandings stemming from that inability drive the second part. The only thing that - well, bothered is too strong a word, but I couldn't help to notice, is that you are close to overusing the description of Dean's eyes as a means of transporting is feelings. I know that J. Ackles manages to convey tons of meaning with just a single look. He's great at that. Still. Just be mindful not to spoil an otherwise great description with an overdose of green eyes. There is actually a thing as 'too much'. Not saying that you are already there, but getting dangerously close at times.

All in all, yeah, I did enjoy this story. I wouldn't have come back here four evenings in a row, spending several hours staring a the screen with rapt attention if I didn't like it. So, I think, I'll put this on my list of favorite stories and dig through your other stories to see if there's more.
1/24/2011 c29 metallideangrl
Just finished reading your story. I really enjoyed it. I enjoy Dean/John fics that explore their relationship. Many authors I do not care too much for how they portray John, but I did find your portrayal more to my liking and more to my feeling of how John actually is.

I also enjoy a lot of Dean angst and pain and this definitely has it in abundance. I appreciate your writing style, of how descriptive you get, I could so easily visualize everything that is going on.

I would have like to have had a little more exploration and mending on John and Dean's relationship. Which is where I felt you might have been going when Sam entered the picture. I enjoyed that part, but I love the Dean/John dynamic, devoid of Sam, and would have liked to see how they could have mended their relationship a little after this very difficult time.

Overall, though, I really enjoyed your story and look forward to reading some of your other works.
1/16/2011 c29 8CheshireGrinn
I feel really bad that it took me this long to finish, but alas, life tends to get in the way or our more enjoyed ventures. I also think, as I am often prone to doing, I put things I don't want to end off, because I don't want them to end. But those prophet's words rang true to this writer, I'll tell you that.

I just wanted to say a few words:

Never, and I mean NEVER in my ENTIRE life, have I followed something as much I followed this. I don't know what it is, but you can spin a tale like no other, can dig down to the bone and pull out everything no one is ever willing to say, and make it both ugly and beautiful at the same time. Never, and I mean NEVER, have I identified so much with a character, as I did with Dean in this one; and I think, putting it off, and seeing this beautiful ending to and even more beautiful tale, has helped me, as weird as that might sound. Yes, this was a fan-fiction, but it reads like a novel, I kid you not. I've always, in a way, identified with Dean, but I could weep nearly weep because you have, somehow, managed to word every feeling I've had over the past two years when I never could. I'm gonna miss this story, miss the way you've gone deeper than any fan-fiction, or hell, even book, has gone before. Your self-consciousness of your skills isn't needed; rest assured that you have a seriously astounding gift here.

I guess, all-in-all, I just want to thank you. You've not only helped fill up some of my down time with what I think is a truly beautiful thing, but you've also helped me understand myself, and possibly understand where I need to go from here. And never forget, you've got an invested fan here.

Thank you.
1/13/2011 c29 12Lilly Emerald
wow what a chapter. While the rest of the chapters have indeed been great ones this was amazing. I love the way that you wrote everyone in this story, Sam and John, but especially Dean. And I thought you wrapped it all up perfectly! Its been very epic to read. Funny moments...Dean reading lord of the rings. Would never happen but it would be funny in the show lol. And I loved his last moments with the crow. I will know how Dean feels soon being trapped in my flat for a week after a hospital visit. Am just having teeth out but am worried about going under the anaesthetic...I hate need needles. I would rather be at work. Anyway it was a great great story and I will look forward to reading more of your stories as soon as I can.
1/12/2011 c28 Lilly Emerald
wow one more chapter to go! But unfortunately I will have to read it tomorrow if I have time. Split shift tomorrow, I hate them I really do. Anyway looking forward to reading it I just hope time goes quick until I get home!
1/12/2011 c26 Lilly Emerald
I'm glad they came to a sort of truce between them and Sam agreed to stop arguing for now. it was funny when Dean realised that John was trying to cook something. Something I'm wondering though is how Sam managed to save up enough money to go to university by himself. Am I right in thinking that it's very expensive and that parents usually pay for everything to do with university and that John definately wouldn't have given Sam any money to go. Did they explain that in the show or did I miss it? lol anyway another great chapter!
1/12/2011 c25 Lilly Emerald
Another great couple of chapters and not long to go until I reach the end! I have a couple of guesses about the ending but not sure still lol. I loved the argument that Sam had with John, although it wasn't fun for Dean or John someone has to say these things to him and I think he only gets so angry with Sam because he knows that Sam is right!
1/11/2011 c23 Lilly Emerald
great chapter. Looking forward to reading about more Sam/John tension and once again I bet that Dean will be trying to keep the peace between them both even though he doesn't always agree with John!
1/11/2011 c22 Lilly Emerald
Well, I knew it would be Sam. Although as I was reading that first part I kept thinking who is it, who is it? And then I thought to myself who else would it be it's Sam? And then I was like yay, Sam's back. At least for now. And Dean is so stubborn he should just accept help from people when he needs to! Loved the chapter
1/8/2011 c21 Lilly Emerald
ok so I stayed awake for one more chapter. Now am definately going to sleep...if I can with wondering what will happen to John and Dean. Wonder if Sam will make an appearence other then in phonecalls? Not long left until I finish this story!
1/8/2011 c20 Lilly Emerald
Another great chapter but unfortunately I should probably go to sleep before I fall asleep reading lol. Have had a busy last couple of days and could sleep the whole rest of next week I really could. I would ignore people who flame your story they are probably just jealous of all the well deserved reviews and of how amazing your story is!
1/8/2011 c19 Lilly Emerald
Yay they made it back to the Impala...several times I thought they weren't going to. Another great chapter. I was listening to a group called shinedown...you should look them up on youtube...call me is a good song. But then ofcourse I wanted to listen to carry On My Waywayd son because this is after all a story based on Supernatural and I have to be listening to Supernatural type music lol. Will be reading more soon
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