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for I'll Stay Beside You Forever

9/6/2013 c1 1LexaStarr
such a sad story.. it made me cry.
1/24/2010 c1 1Aschubel
why does Natsume has to die TWICE? TT_TT

it's soo sad!

poor Mikan TT_TT

- thumbs up! -

- Sakura
1/16/2010 c1 4c.s.c.l o4

it made me cry mi-chan! TT.TT

it's super touching. :]]



good luck for the soon-to-be-stories

this year! ;)
1/11/2010 c1 switch function
Interesting. . .

Sad. ;_;

Natsume died twice. Not fair. Noway.

But, it was interesting. :v Natsume being dead, then coming back to life. I think you did a great job. :)

Keep up the good work. ^^


Easily Written
1/11/2010 c1 3zagogay
Reincarnation... how interesting. :

He died twice... wow...?

Hmm.. I spotted quite a lot of grammar mistakes. But the one that stood out the most is your use of 'persons'. Hun, there's no such thing as 'persons'.

Anyway, unique plot. :)

Keep it up.

1/10/2010 c1 MizuiroLOVE
nee-chan that was so sad! but i really don't like natsume having a beard and mustache. he should have shaved! ahaha~ but really really sad. I was like OMG when i read the tombstone. you know that. I "screamed" in ym. XD well. this was definitely a good read! omedeto! i know this will be a good start for your 2010 stories~! good luck and take care~!

1/10/2010 c1 Heidee Payas
well, the story's so short. but you have a good job. I think you're an emo because of the song.
1/9/2010 c1 CrimsonCinnamon Eyes
It's so sad. Why does Natsume has to die twice? It's so sad and short.

It's great but short.

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