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6/26/2010 c5 anon
I loved this chapter (I don't know what else to say) and I love how you put everyone's personality. Update whenever you have the time ^^
6/26/2010 c5 6midnight-heart
Interesting...I can't wait for the next chapter!

It was a sweet and funny chapter! Though I'm pondering more about Namine's interation with the brothers in the next chapter!
6/26/2010 c5 startscribbling12
hey! im not logged in but-

i loved it! really showed sora and namine development! :)

6/26/2010 c5 11Sovereign Beta
What a hectic first day, but still, 8:15? That's incredibly late! I'd have expected Biology 101 to begin at 7:30 or earlier!

Namine is a very lucky girl to have such a late class...
5/30/2010 c4 39Angelgirl18647
you gotta update this! I wanna know what yuffie and kairi have been talking about all this time!
5/6/2010 c4 5krayzzeedoodle
This is a great story idea and I like the way how you write it. Please updates soon and well, I disagree with some of your reviewers. Give Sora to Kairi! Namine is Roxas'! Haha, sorry!

But really, please update as soon as you can! :)
4/29/2010 c4 22BlackButterfly9
good story~ keep writing!
4/13/2010 c4 XStayCloseToMeX
i dont have much to say cuz its too short right now :( but roxas frat boy makes me laugth :L update soon!
4/8/2010 c4 37Kiome-Yasha
Haha, sorry it took me awhile to read this and review it, been sort of busy with life ^^;...college, I tell ya...it's a pain...-_-;

I'm hoping I can make this review long :).

Oh wow! Namine cursed! Oh no! I hope she doesn't make it a habit DX, it's so unlike her to curse. But, waking up to a situation like that, lol, I probably would've said "WTH!" too XD...waking up to HAYNER no less rofl. I just love how Sora just runs and goes in protective mode over the girl, it's so sweet X3. I must say, I'm guilty when it comes to not washing my own sheets in my own college dorm XD. Don't judge me! lol.

Aww Sora seems to really like Namine, even though they sort of just met, but in the scene you have them, you make them really cute together while trying to get to know each other. :)

Honestly, I was screaming in my head saying, "NO! NO! It is a movie...or fanfic! You could SO yell out his name and call him to come back Namine!" Haha, it's sad really, since I really like her with Roxas more...BUT~...you can't deny the cuteness between her and Sora as well X3.

This is opposite towards my triangle story between Sora/Namine/Roxas. In mine, I have Sora sort of the suave one and Roxas the sweet one. I know most people would think the opposite, but I find the situation to be a experiment of differences that fits both. However, you make suave Roxas very sexy! And sweet Sora, you make him kissable X3. I really like it, you keep it interesting :).

Aw, I guess Roxas DOES have his sweet moments at time as well :D. I find it adorable how he just slept and waited for her like that by her door; haha, and 'lol' towards Kairi's message XD.

Yo! I would SO have thought the same thing Roxas was thinking when Namine said she wanted to sleep XD.

God, how is it...that this fic is rated T? And has SO much sexual tension between Namine and Roxas? Lol, I ask you! XD

Oh...damn! They were SO close to kiss! XD Oh well, like Roxas said, he'll show her another time ;3.

Haha, I wonder how the rest of Namine's night is going to be like...now that Yuffie and Kairi are back inside the room. Really great! I loves it! XD

You've been reviewed by,

Kiome-Yasha ^3^
3/25/2010 c4 frozen-popsicles
Aw, I felt kind of bad for Sora. I get the feeling he's use to living in his brother's shadow.

Anyways, I loved it (again)! Update quickly please:)
3/22/2010 c4 11Destinysfailure
I'm sorry.

I know Sora is sweet and all, but how do you freakin' HANDLE that sexyness in front of a door? Really, Namine, don't be so...judgemental...he's so SEXY. Well, on the positive, if she doesn't want him, i'll take him. He's up for grabs, I hope.

Anyways...lol. Good chapter, great suspense with the almost-kiss, and Sora is a sweetheart, I know that. But once a Roxas fangirl, ALWAYS a roxas fangirl. =]

Love always!

3/22/2010 c2 NO-LONGER-IN-USE 1235678
When I saw that you updated this story I did my little happy dance. Haha.

College is definitely not what she expected is it? :)

Loving the story thus far, keep it up.
3/20/2010 c4 7The Comment
Predict, eh? Let me see...






Based on my STUNNING LOGIC, I have concluded that Roxas and Namine will get together in the end. AM I RIGHT?

3/20/2010 c4 Innocence and Instinct
sweet story! lol
3/19/2010 c4 Muffin-pyon
Ah thank you for the update cute~~
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