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3/18/2010 c4 6lilaclia
Damn, I actually have to review? No, i actually really like the feel for this story. It's not high school, and is college! YES :) The character are deeper, less immature and are more in control. Though Roxas is immature and Namine had a major lapse in control when she almost kissed him.This is addicting, the whole idea is good and is very amusing, to say the least. I feel bad for Sora, and Namine didn't explain herself, though it made sense. I pictured her seeing a sleepy Roxas, and it was adorable! I like that Roxas just slept there, he does have his sweet moments when the time calls for it. Namine almost kissed him, but she didn't at least. It's not time for that yet, but I love the pace this is going at! When he glanced back at her and saluted, I could only giggle. Which I warn you, doesn't happen often. Wow, Namine's roommate and Kairi. Namine will never get to rest, will she? Okay, to wrap it all up. Great chapter, i love how you incorporated Sora into this whole thing and Roxas just gets more likable, although I could NEVER hate him! :)
3/18/2010 c4 7SorasKey
Very good! This story is just so well written and addicting. I love it. I can't get over how cute Roxas and Namine are, even if they don't want to be (mainly Namine). I hope they get together soon. Or at least get more fluff and less Sora :)

3/18/2010 c4 11Brightest Darkest Heart
Wow! Good chapter. I can't wait till the next one! Write it soon, and at the begining I thought Sora was the one laying beside her haha. I LOVED the Roxas part! So cute haha. I think I know what he means! Wink wink. haha! Good job, keep writing

3/18/2010 c4 SillyFairyGirl
Great update! heh. If there really were guys like Sora and Roxas at college, then I think I would go sooner then what I'm planning. xD
3/7/2010 c3 SillyFairyGirl
Oh! Update soon! Yeah? :-) It's only been three chapters and I'm completely in love with your story. 3
3/7/2010 c1 SillyFairyGirl
Dora the Explorer! :-) It made me giggle...and I never giggle. Anyway! I really like this first chapter. Interesting start.

You have been given a mini-review from HeartlessBuggy 3
3/6/2010 c3 frozen-popsicles
I haven't been this excited about a KH story in a very long time. Love love love it! Update soon!

3/1/2010 c3 Brightest Darkest Heart
Update! Update! Update! Pretty please? :3 I really like this story, I want to read more chapters!
2/16/2010 c3 101sunflowerb
Hello, thanks for the review for Battle of the Sexes and for the PM!

So, here I am geting around to reviewing.

Mwahaha. Yay for love triangles! Poor Namine. That would totally be me. (With Roxas, probably. I would totally be steaming the whole time like, leave me alone. But secretly loving it.) Fun is guranteed whenever you have Sora, Roxas, Namine and Kairi all in one story. Mix and match. Always fun. (I mean, I'm a die hard SxK and RxN fan, but I love that you can mix it up and throw Roxas and Kairi or Sora and Namine together and it's still basically canon.) Hm...will we be seeing Kairi swooping in and narrowing Namine's options?

One way or another, I'm hooked.

Keehehehee. Panty-wearing football. Wow. You've made me giggle. That's a high accomplishment.

So I apologize for the randomosity of this review. I'm sick, and my brain just spews nonsense when under the influence of Dayquil and Benedryl and menthol cough drops.
2/10/2010 c3 11Destinysfailure
Another fantabulous chapter! I really liked this one; it makes Roxas and Sora seem hotter. Like they should be. I really like how Roxas is kinda an ass-pipe, and Sora is the nice guy. I like that over the opposite.

Anyways, prediction...oh, well, you already know my prediction. Roxas has to end up with Namine. Of course! And in the next chapter or two you HAVE to introduce Kairi to Sora! Because if you don't i think i would cry a bit. lol.

Great chapter! please keep it up!

Love always,

2/9/2010 c3 16MonkeyGirlxoxo
Hahaha, I absolutely loved that chapter. :)

I kinda figured that Roxas and Sora would be brothers, but none the less it was somehow still not predictable. I mean, I had no idea that Sora would be younger, or the fact the Roxas would let him come to the party.

I really liked the fact the Roxas showed that he cared about her, and didn't just want to use her because of her looks or anything like that. I also love the personality Sora has, I really love that kid. I think he might be my favourite in this story. :)

I actually started to laugh at the fact the Namine fainted. I mean, yes it must be a lot for her to take in, I mean having a boy you hate being the brother of the only new person you might actually like, but it was really unpredictable that she would actually faint.

Something tells me that Namine will be having some troubles choosing between Sora and Roxas. I mean, you showed that Roxas cares for her, and that she sort of feels the same way for him, but Namine also found out that she is attracted to Sora, and this is going to start some drama.

It's not going to be any easier for Roxas and Sora either, I mean they ARE brothers. So, they might have some problems choosing who will be able to get Nami for themselves. :)


Update soon!
2/8/2010 c3 9ranpyon13
wow, great chapter!

I never thought that Sora is Roxas' brother! And Namine develops feelings to both of them!

And prediction, yes, um, I think Namine would wake up in Roxas' room (or Sora's?) and one of them (I have a feeling that they'll argue first) would propose to walk her back or something.

Okay, I'll wait for the next chapter!
2/7/2010 c3 6lilaclia
this is good so far ,

i love Sora ,

not so much Roxas yet .

the plot is great and him being a frat boy and everything .

great start ,
2/6/2010 c3 2Claudii
LOL I love this story, poor Namine XD

Please update asap!
2/5/2010 c3 Antiyaoifan
oh wow! i love this story so far! namine has a tough decision in the end XD
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