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1/28/2010 c2 2t0fura
Roxas is so sly. I hope Namine will be ok, I mean she could lose Roxas in the party and get hit on by some drunken guy. When I imagine a frat house I think of Greek on ABC family. Good chapter, thanks for the update, can't wait for the next!
1/27/2010 c2 poohbearlover95
Wow this is a really good story...ive never read one like this...well update asap=)
1/27/2010 c2 18kinmoku2
A FRAT PARTY! HAhahah-laughs head off while slapping self upside the head-

Why did I NOT think of that? College, fraternities, sororities-Gasp- is Nami gonna be in a sorority? Though that sounds more like Kairi...

Anyway, Roxas lol tricks her into coming with him to a frat party...Only chaos can come from this.


1)Nami's going to be all uncomfortable at first but then lightens up has a drink or two(or three or four...)and maybe some guy like Riku tries to be a creeper but then Roxas comes in

OR she ends up liking Riku and that makes Roxas jealous

Or she could try to escape and bump into someone like Riku(love triangle type guy)

Or umm...I dunno know what else but those are some of my guesses.

Anways, update soon, cause I need to know what happens:)
1/27/2010 c2 3Handwritten
Whee~ :) I'm really enjoying this story so far...I kind of liked Roxas remaining as 'Bedhead' in Namine's mind. It wasn't some breathless introduction type thing ;D Haha, Roxas sure loves to smirk a lot! And I love Roxas as a bit older of a guy...they actually come from slightly different backgrounds for once XD

Though Kairi being a clothes-obsessed girly-girl is just a tad unoriginal ^-^;

Minor typos:

'It didn’t even take her two minuets' - 'minutes'.

And: "...you probably only have minuets, and your not welcome in my room, so you better get dressed.” - 'minutes' and 'your' should be 'you're' :)

Fantastic job though, all-in-all!
1/27/2010 c2 11Destinysfailure
This story was amazing! =] But that's just me. I can totally understand Namine, though.

Prediction...ppre..ddiction...well, i know Axel's in there! bwahaha. And Sora...? And kairi should show up. She WOULD show up- she wouldn't want to stay at the dorm with just herself and...*shudder shudder* Yuffie and Leon. Although I do admit, Leon is hot too...okay, okay, shutting up.

LOL. Okay. So, good story, please write soon!

Love always!

1/26/2010 c2 37Kiome-Yasha
Haha, happily ever after? Yeah, sure Kairi~, he obviously is looking for some ass to take home to his dorm and take trophy over in nabbing a freshmen. Haha, such a simpleton it would seem, good thing Namine's smart enough in not going; but then again, it's Roxas, so she's on a tight wire for me XD. Oh I know how Namine feels when it comes to having a roommate who has her boyfriend over while they try to have sex, signaling you to leave them along and study somewhere else; not to mention the times when catching them in such positions when walking in ^^;.

Woah, Roxas is pulling moves already by touching her? :O Wow, he's so devilish X3; I like me a devilish Sora though better XD. Though when it comes to Namine, she can have a sexy and enticing blonde :P. Yay for Namine not cursing! I honestly can't see the girl curse , maybe the word hell, but never damn or bitch, etc. I do like her getting angry in this story, you made her quiet cute in someway allowing her to still be in character but with some chances in stepping out of boundary with Roxas. Keep that up! ^^b It's also fits well with the type of family Namine has, considering they're old school Victorian style of respect :D.

Wow, I can't believe such a comment came from Roxas's mouth! Haha, he's such an ass! XD But Namine likes a piece of that ass I'm sure, even if she doesn't want to admit it X3.

Find-a-Freshmen night, huh? Roxas must think he's REALLY slick to pull something like this off :/.

As much as I dislike Kairi, I would have to say she did something good to this story, which was making Namine going on this 'date' with Roxas lol. Oh God, so much sexual tension, I can't believe this is rated T? XDD. Oh well, alas! ^^

You have been reviewed by yours truly,

Kiome-Yasha ^3^
1/24/2010 c1 16MonkeyGirlxoxo
I LOVED this. I think it was a great way to start a story. You've already met a few people, and you already know what the story is going to be about. :)

I love how Roxas took her to her room without her asking. And one thing I pieced together is that Roxas is going to be older than her in this story. I mean, she's a freshman, and he already knows his way around and stuff

...An older man... :P

I loved Sora too.

Update soon. :)
1/20/2010 c1 Gone and not returning
First off, let me applaud you for writing about Roxas & Namine in a AU setting. Canon scenario is ok... but not really my cup of tea since there isn't really much you can do with this shipping. Secondly, thank you for writing about them as COLLEGE KIDS rather than high schoolers.

I've been wanting to read a fanfic where Roxas & Namine are adults rather than teens for the longest so I was very happy when I came across your fanfic.

Because decent fanfiction on this pairing and overall is REALLY hard to come across these days, I rarely visit this site.

I really enjoyed this chapter and I really hope you continue onward and not let lack of reviews prevent you from finishing what you started.

I did spot a couple of mistakes in here, which is something we all make at some point when writing, but other than that, this chapter was REALLY interesting :D please, continue!
1/18/2010 c1 18kinmoku2
Hola! I'm here to review this story of yours! I'm really liking it so far too. Different, still funny and already a great start:)

Okay so the basics:

Nami-sheltered child that had not been taught about real life. K.

Sora: random guy Nami crashes into, though I know his role is bigger. He IS Sora after all.

Bedhead=Roxas-totally adorable guys that helps her with her stuff. Though I would like to know what he wants to meet with about?

Sandy blond=Tidus? or just the perverted guy with the frilly football.

Yuffie-Nami's roommie who was "with" Leon at their first meeting.

Kairi-Nami's BFF that's all excited about college..

So that's who everyone is so far, right?

Oh and the whole Dora thing made me crack a smile:)

Umm hmm my predictions...

The meeting's the main thing, I think Roxas won't be a perv, but maybe they'll go and do something really random like get sea slat ice cream, and maybe he'll even attempt to kiss her?

But anyways, update soon!:D
1/17/2010 c1 37Kiome-Yasha
I keep thinking where did Lebrezie go? D: I miss her . I don't want her to end up being a victim of that DX. Hmm strange though, college dorms usually separate the girls floors from the guys floors, unless this is conjoined? Still, it's strange the school is constructed like that. I mean, boys and girls can stay in the same building but never on the same floor; but I guess it's possible for some schools to be like that ^^. Oh wow though, her roommate is Yuffie? That's going to be VERY interesting for Namine to deal with, I mean, her and Yuffie are really different when it comes to personalities :P. Wow Leon literally said, "Shut up, bitch! We're going to finish this in my room!" HAHA, that's how I translated it XD.

Damn, Roxas suckered her BIG time, what is he? Some upper classmate or an RA? Either way, Namine owes him one now, whatever that means in future chapters to come lol. And even though Namine may disagree in going, I have a feeling Kairi is going to force her to go. But one has to remember her introduction with Sora, will he be posing a love interest for Namine's affection as well? I guess only time will tell ;D.

You have been reviewed by yours truly,

Kiome-Yasha :3
1/16/2010 c1 2t0fura
I feel sorry for Namine. lol. Bet Roxas was planning this all along,- after he carries her bad to her room, as a form of thanks, a date, lucky for him another way to get a date was that way!

Can't wait for the next chapter! :3!
1/14/2010 c1 6xxxNam-niCxxx
Hey buddy. I haven't seen you in a while.

anyways I like this story. This really is some first day of collage.

“Welcome to college bitch!” That's messed up.

Update soon old freind.
1/13/2010 c1 9ranpyon13
nice story!

haha, the dorm! That was one scary dorm. I don't think the dorm in my college would be that bad [though I didn't exactly live in the college's dorm].

and the blonde, I'm sure it's Roxas! XD

and the prediction. Umm, I think Namine is going to ditch Roxas, because it seemed like she hates him, but Kairi would still force her to come and even pick some outfits for her, knowing it's Kairi and all. But the date didn't went well and that makes Namine hates him even more. I can't think of any better prediction! I'm sure the next chapter would be interesting.

please update soon~! I'll be waiting. =)
1/11/2010 c1 13Shadowofthenight12
Ermm..., it was awesome and all, but it confused me :P who was sora and who was roxas, i was seriously confused :D Apart from that, i love it :P College is full of perverts, and and im glad youve, urmm... Captured that :D

Peace, shaddy
1/11/2010 c1 11Destinysfailure
I'm the first reviewer! Does that mean I get a suprise? A good suprise? Like a hot suprise? Like a shirtless ROXAS suprise?

This story rocks my socks. I love how its in college; i don't see a whole lot of those that I actually like. This is amazing.

Here's my prediction: I'm thinking that Namine will defientely blow off her and Roxas' date. Definetely. I would. I mean seriously, he may be hot, but that was totally...jerkish. For real! lol. And Kairi is going to totally see Sora and freak. Because Kairi and Sora are just...i don't know, Kairi and Sora.

By the way, I 3 the swearing! xD i'm so weird, but I love when people swear in their stories. It makes them seem more real.

Yay for #1 review!


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