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4/14/2013 c65 Guest
Mess with one badger, mess with them all. Awesome update. Hufflepuff forever!
1/23/2013 c70 6NovemberDreamin
I'd like to see a makeup with Hannah and Zacharias! Like a real one! Because I want them to be together.
Or at least some confession, either before or after their breakup, about how much he cares about her.
And then some bromancing with the boys.
And then the boys talking about the girls.
And the girls talking about the boys.
And a party scene.
Drunken-ness all around.
And then something where Dennis and Rose actually kiss or something.
Either way, I totally love this story/set of drabbles, it's fantastic!
I think Hufflepuffs are under appreciated :D
I hope you continue again at some point!
1/22/2012 c70 3withaballoon
Wow! This is really good:) i really like rose, so could you do something else with her? Maybe some of the pranks or you could give her a friend?

Anyway, its really good:) kinda confusing about whos with who, but still, its really good:D
9/1/2011 c51 48Downton'sLibrarian
Hannah is always the victim of tickle fights, isn't she? This one had me laughing so hard...
9/1/2011 c48 Downton'sLibrarian
Luna is NOT a daft bimbo! I loved the reference to her famous commentary (which is E-P-I-C) but Smith should be Crucio'd for what he said! I have a 'hellion' from each house - i.e. a Gryff, Slytherin, Claw and Puff I utterly hate, and Smith is the Hufflepuff hellion. He's a pompous ass to the Trio anyway, but he crossed the line here.
9/1/2011 c46 Downton'sLibrarian
This drabble was BRILLIANT! You put angst in, but JUST enough to make sure it didn't go overboard. Who's the father? I hope it's Michael Corner. Sorry, but Michael/Susan is one of my favourite pairings E-V-E-R!
9/1/2011 c10 Downton'sLibrarian
Smith can go and boil his head. Ernie/Hannah is great! Ernie 'has dibs'.
9/1/2011 c70 6gleechick21
Great chapter

I have a request that you do another Susan and Justin one

my idea was that it could be in the 7th year when justin is on the run and how much everyone misses him especially susan

Another Idea is a Rose and Dennis one also based in the same time period as the other one she relises now that Dennis is gone how much she loved him
8/30/2011 c70 9she defies gravity
Absolutely love it! I think Hannah is my favourite and I love her pairing with Zacharias, even if it doesn't work out I love how you write them together :)
4/7/2011 c3 210NickyFox13
This was so sweet and I love how you wrote such a moving piece describing the pain of loss in such a short piece. I love your Susan and Justin because they're well developed characters who were masterfully written. Great job and I'm excited to keep reading this piece.
3/25/2011 c70 6thecauldronmeasuringoffice
My god this is so good, now you're making me want to wirte a stroy about them my self.
2/1/2011 c70 37digigirl02
Aww, poor Puffs. That is really sad.
1/29/2011 c70 7L.A.H.H
One about Zacharias getting into fights? Or anything about Justin, I love him. Or meeting each other's parents? :D Hope that actually helped. Thanks for writing! x
1/28/2011 c70 67daysandweeks
1/25/2011 c70 63stilessttilinski
Ah, Ced :( The way you made each of them have a special sort of connection with hin was wonderful :)

They all missed him one way or another, and it really shows that he was definitely missed after he died.

Wayne. Prompt: illegible. ;D

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