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6/26/2014 c12 4lizyeh2000
Love your story please update
3/19/2014 c1 Guest
I won't even bother to read this story, or log in to pm you. You're obviously a vain little cow who loves herself so wrote a story about herself! There are plenty of us who wish some of these characters were real, but we're not vain little bitches who put ourselves in stories! Just grow up and get a life! Nasty, vain little freak!
12/19/2012 c11 10Jauntues Tigerwolf
Keep writing please! I love this fanfic! Update soon please! 3
2/2/2012 c11 Woodshrew
Hehe can't log on but are you going to continue because I love the storyline and character
8/28/2011 c11 1shineon99
Your storie is AWESOME! I would like it better if Sev and Gaara had some romance, but i like it anyway!
8/25/2011 c11 4Pineapple Fairy Queen
It would be awesome if she joined the Akatsuki! Even if only for a few chapters, it would be a damn awesome experience!

I lubb it, update soon!
8/25/2011 c10 Pineapple Fairy Queen
I like it alright!

You should updatr soon, b-cus i wanna read more...and if ya don't update i'll send Jiraya to your house!
11/14/2010 c1 OriginalElementa
I love it! U should make the main charecter a herbalist and a weapons master. If u don't mind the mc should have some earth materials with her like a pencil, paper, more really sugary candy that will get them all hyper etc! Can't wait 4 more!
7/22/2010 c5 Arruby
HAH! I KNEW you were an Eragon fan. =3

The two-bladed staff thing is from Angela, right? Doesn't she have a weapon like that? And the "names have power" thing... when you mentioned that in the beginning I began to suspect, because of the true names in Eragon. xD

Anyway, I liked the chapter. ^.^
7/22/2010 c1 Arruby
Sorry, too lazy to log in. ;o But my user is Arruby, so you should be able to find me.

Anyway, I love your story so far.~ ^.^ But there are some grammar issues. First off, "their" shows possession ("It is their cookie"). "They're" is "they are" ("They're hungry"). "There" shows location, like "over there". :3
7/7/2010 c1 starry123

its really funny

i really enjoy this story
7/2/2010 c9 6Kurisetina
I really like this story!^^ I can't wait for more!
6/29/2010 c9 7Suezanne
there's a minor rant on my profile for flamers good luck with rewriting
6/28/2010 c9 bara29445
hmmm... i don`t like sev too much.. she gets on my nerves.. good-ish fanfic, i geuss, work on your grammer and transitions i kinda got confused.

- Bara Nitito -
6/28/2010 c9 8forever-sweet
don't rewrite this story it is one of my favorites and I've been waiting forever for a new chapter this was my first story that I ever read when I got onto fanfiction.net it's one of my favorite's and it would be a shame if you just let all your hard work on this story go to waist and by the way I like selva as a know-it-all it's funny! so please keep writing to this story! and update soon!

begging of you!,

kiyoshi/ forever-sweet!
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