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2/10/2012 c9 36Bruteaous
Incredibly cute and incredibly sad all at once. I was thrilled to find and to read this piece. I honestly did think Kelly had died at one point and was near tears, but the very next chapter brought a smile back to my face. Takes a lot to do that. Well done and I hope you write more than one story. You are definitely suited to this sort of work. :]

6/24/2010 c9 WellingtonNellei
I really enjoyed this story- It was very interesting with awsome twists. You really have done well on writing this story and being your sister I would know that you spent a long time. Well done :D x
6/6/2010 c9 UnguidedLight
Awesome! I loved it :)
5/7/2010 c9 Valvox
I got the reference. The lingerie advert that Gemma-the-babe did and we were giggling over! Oh, and there better be another chapter soon. :) /I WANT MY COOKIE!/
'twas another epic chapter. And if you aren't writing another, you've gotta either a) do a collaboration with me or b) write another story. ^_^
And I bet I know what's in the bag! /I'll guess later/


5/6/2010 c9 POCisTheName
Yet another mega happy dance :D I love it!
4/19/2010 c8 2RoseRadar
Aaw thank you for writing this, it was ... an 'aw' one. :) :)

Now *smile proudly* you are a fully finished author, yay!

Tempted to write another?

4/18/2010 c8 POCisTheName
Ok, Mega happy dance right now :D

I saw this in my inbox and squealed. Completely loved it
4/18/2010 c8 15Valvox
Who me? /blush/ Thankies, this was amazingly awesome - yet again! I can't wait for the epilogue, seriously, I is that impatient. xD

Sequelsequelsequel? :D






Okay, I'll shuddup now.


Keep writing!



4/18/2010 c8 3Semisonic
Yay I got a mention :) and YAY you've finished :) (well that's sort of bad because I don't get to read it anymore :/ )

So cute :) I loved it, especially the use of the italics to show Annabelle's thoughts. Well done on finishing an epic St. Trinian's fic :)
4/5/2010 c7 Banshee
This story is very very good x
4/4/2010 c7 Au3
Wow, I'm completely loving this story so far!

You've portrayed the characters really well and added some interesting twists :o).

I'm a bit upset that there's not much fics to be found for this pairing. I've spend the entire day looking for fics and only have come up with about 6 (4 of those are either abandoned or badly written)...

So, in other words: thank you for writing this fic, so my search wasn't useless after all. :o)

And please post again soon!
3/17/2010 c7 3pottergirls
this is great. please keep on writing
3/11/2010 c7 Hannah XXX
Please write more lol! Leave the world on tenter-hooks why dont u :) Tut tut! Such an unexepected turn around, Belle actually standing up to Kelly ... Write more please! Lotsof love
3/7/2010 c7 POCisTheName
Yay! i'm happy now! I love the way you've written this, please update soon
3/6/2010 c7 4AbstractRainbow
Yay! Updates rock!
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