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for Escaping the Past

9/5/2011 c3 1vbn45
this is a really good story- i like seeing Duo's old life. You should update this story =]
12/31/2005 c3 aronoiiel
hehehe sweet a sequel I really hope you continue with this I'm really interested in how this is all going to play out.
4/11/2002 c3 mama-sama
wow! this is agreat storyand i can't wait to see what happens next! more please!
2/9/2002 c2 20Minerva Blue
hmm intresting. I'd like to
1/29/2002 c2 4Horuri
YAY! I started to read and was so involved I went and read the prequel. Good stuff! Wow! Please write more soon.
1/26/2002 c1 Trio
I just finished reading the prequel and loved it. This one is starting off great also. I think you should post what you have. I don't mind waiting. Keep up the great writing.
1/25/2002 c1 Pixie
Omg! I got to watch out for more updates on this story 'cause I have the feeling it's going to be cool.Who is Vazera anyway?I wanna find out.
1/25/2002 c1 Lady Banshee
O.O Sounds like a cool fic! I want more! Please?
1/24/2002 c1 mama-sama
ooo this is going to be so good! you post it any way you want! i just want more!

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