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7/8/2023 c27 20Mysterious-Vixen
It's been a while since I read a good AU or canon-alternative that made me smile, I grew up on the BTVS universe and now as an adult, I appreciate all those Fanfiction writers that still continue this world. Thank you for writing this.
3/30/2023 c27 Jewlzy24
awwww what a lovely ending :D
3/30/2023 c26 Jewlzy24
AAWW I like vampire spike lol
3/30/2023 c24 Jewlzy24
Prefered the reunion s*x lmao
3/29/2023 c21 Jewlzy24
I loved that you added the Van Morrison song
3/29/2023 c18 Jewlzy24
Great chapter!
3/29/2023 c17 Jewlzy24
yay Angelus is here to play!
3/29/2023 c12 Jewlzy24
shag lmao Buffy forgets that Liam was a player and he didn't make love lol I love the STI conversation and the s*x in her office hehe bring on the smut!
3/29/2023 c11 Jewlzy24
hehehe was the P word common in the 1700s lol and I think Angel is a very generous lover as the buffyverse tells us repeatedly Angel is a s*x god so it is my head cannon that he would please Buffy in ALL ways hehe
3/29/2023 c10 Jewlzy24
I loved this chapter especially the changing toom scene HOT
3/29/2023 c8 Jewlzy24
hehe that smut was so good! I hope there will be more :D I thought they would have gone to the mansion lol
3/29/2023 c4 Jewlzy24
ehehe Liam wastes no time lol
8/26/2022 c27 1Buffys.playground
Lovely story
11/9/2021 c27 Proffy
Such an amazing story with the perfect ending! Thank you so much for it!
11/7/2020 c27 cmtaylor531
This was fun and different.
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