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7/9/2010 c18 44a walk on the w i l d side
Oh, thank GOD Sirius realised. It was getting so...AAARRRGGGHHH! Just so ANNOYING that he hadn't realised!

Thank God he FINALLY got himself together.

He was really starting to annoy me, but now he's had an...((what do you call it?)) forget the word.

Anyway-poor Remus. I really feel sorry for him, he's so much more genuine than Sirius.

7/9/2010 c14 a walk on the w i l d side
Like this chapter. Bit confusing, but good.

I really don't like Sirius in this chapter though. Or Remus. At least I like him more than Mr. Devious here.

7/9/2010 c13 a walk on the w i l d side
I really don't like swearing, but I may make an exception and add this to my favourites.

Yeah, okay, i will add it, but i still hate swearing, unless minor or absolutely necessary.

I still like it though,

7/9/2010 c12 a walk on the w i l d side
Oooh. Maybe it's Lily? Probably not. Tonks maybe? Maybe...


(Curious Kitty Cat)
7/9/2010 c11 a walk on the w i l d side
Oh good, it's not going to end.

You are seriously good at writing confusion and angst.


Oh, and please have a long chapter?
7/9/2010 c9 a walk on the w i l d side
Oh, good. Finally something between them.

You are a very talented writer and I love how you set the scene and the feeling and the thoughts.

I love it,

7/9/2010 c8 a walk on the w i l d side

What an awesome hat!

7/8/2010 c7 a walk on the w i l d side
Okay, so I was sorta planning on reviewing every 2nd chapter, but this was such an... Oe mi Godd moment, that I had to review.

Wow. That's cool that she knows, and I have no idea what it's gonna mean, but it's awesome.

7/8/2010 c6 a walk on the w i l d side
Very funny chapter. Loved it, had quite a few laughs.

Favourite Part:

'No, Moony. Jesus, you're meant to be the smart oneā€¦'

'I am the smart one. I just don't speak moron.'

'This close, mate. I'm this close to just banging my head against a wall here.'

'Alright, alright, don't hurt yourself. Ask me whatever you're clearly feeling far too awkward to just ask straight off and be done with it, before you lose any more brain cells.' -Hilarious

7/8/2010 c4 a walk on the w i l d side
Interesting again.

Good, but odd. I've never even considered this pairing, but the way you write it, it makes it sound plausible.

(Sorry for the minor compliments, it's just that Lupin and Tonks are the cutest couple, and Sirius in my eyes, will always be single.)

But no, this is a very good piece of writing.

7/8/2010 c2 a walk on the w i l d side
Ooh, interesting. I wouldn't have even thought about reading this a few years ago, but it's interesting.

I like Sirius, and I like Remus, but do I like them together?

I'm not so sure.

Even if I don't like Them, I like this story, so good work.

7/5/2010 c21 3Plastic Cat
Loved it! :D Fantastic story. I really like your writing style and how you manage to toss in little references here and there :) Like little easter eggs in the story that I squee over :D
7/5/2010 c17 Plastic Cat
Wait-wait-wait... what? Wha- I don't know what to say. First, damn that Sirius, and then damn that Peter and James. But no damning Remus, cuz in my eyes, he has no fault *fangirl mode*

7/5/2010 c8 Plastic Cat
Robin and Marion! Robin and Marion! I love how you slip all these references into your story :D
7/5/2010 c2 Plastic Cat
"...much-abused towel (always know where your towel is. Little literary reference for you there)..."

I got the reference! And I also giggled and clapped like a retard. Yeah, I have some tact, but I just usually ignore it.

So, anyway, the story is pretty interesting right now (only on chapter 2) and I'm already hooked. Great writing and it seems like you've characterized Sirius and Remus well. :D

So yeah, I'm going to read chapter 3 now. Toodles!
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