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3/5/2010 c21 3natalie211
I went away for, like, TWO days to finish my health paper and you ended the story on me? *sob* It's okay, I knew it was coming... and I'm so happy it all worked out! I had my moments of doubt there, for a while. Don't you just love happy endings? Me too. The epilogue is great. :) Now every time I try to spell 'necessary', I'll think of Peter and James' argument. Thanks for writing a great story!
3/5/2010 c21 4Siradna
hey that was fun. nice and different ending, i like it. and i'm certainly looking forward to your next fic. good luck
3/5/2010 c13 1Deactivating
i love how you put florences' howl to this chapter my favouritefavouritefavourite song ficcy thingy!it works really well d:¬Dx
3/5/2010 c21 1Drarry-Remirius-Potter
This finished on my birthday...squee! And I can't believe it's finished! Aw...I have loved this story...but yay for happy endings! Bye! 19th of May for the win! :) x
3/5/2010 c20 Drarry-Remirius-Potter
Just looked at the date this was set's on my birthday! Yay for the 19th of May! it :) x
3/5/2010 c21 MelloandMatt
Awhh this is awesome- and i don't generally go for happy endings either:P And i both hate and love that it's over too... I hate it cause i won't be able to read more obviously but it's awesome that you ended it! Most authors of the fics i read just randomly stop writing but you actually finished it! Yay *does Nerdfighter happy dance* You're amazing! :D
3/5/2010 c4 1Deactivating
hehe.. its brilliant! d:¬)x
3/5/2010 c21 Eressia
Oh no, it's over :'/ I'm gonna miss it.. But at least it was a happy ending ^^,
3/5/2010 c2 JennySam
Yay for the Hitchhiker's reference! I always knew Moony would be an avid follower!
3/5/2010 c18 12WWT
The way you worded the falling part was so poetic! I've been trying to word that phrase like that for AGES! and you got to it before me... darnit! Oh well, you win! ^^
3/4/2010 c19 Eressia
This is so great :D
3/4/2010 c21 enapets21
Hahaha! Run James and Pater! Run away!

I loved this story so much! It was amazing and I am sad that it is over. I look forward to any other SiriusRemus fics that you might write.
3/4/2010 c21 Isabel
Ohmygod *squeals* this made me so happy! You would not believe. Thanks for writing and please continue! Only slight problem is in tenses, watch those. But really! Great!
3/4/2010 c21 marieche
love it! thanks :D
3/4/2010 c21 11Charlotte Lazarus
Yes! FINALLY, STUPID SIRIUS! Ah, I'm so gonna miss your story, unless you start writing something new soon, which would make me oh-so-very happy. Congrats for the fic, it's been a fun ride!


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