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6/16/2019 c11 8Ai Huiyuan
Whatever brought this idea, it’s a beautiful story. And very unique.
6/16/2019 c9 Ai Huiyuan
I’d like to see this. And Conan’s impressions on them.
1/24/2018 c6 Estelle Lumene
1/24/2018 c11 Estelle Lumene
That's. Amazing. Very unique idea.
9/6/2017 c11 24Blitza
This one's my fave so far
3/17/2017 c11 1sunfun
5/7/2016 c3 Ka
About the Transformers (nerdrant and "in my personal opinion" warning), here are the series in summary, seperated by some space:

Theres the 80's cartoon, the generation one transformers cartoon, partially based off of the comics, which is basically cheesy plot and animation errors where the decepticons try to raid some powerplant to feed their forces and power their spaceship, or some ridiculous convulted plan, including once something with a purple griffin, and the autobots stop them every episode. This goes on for a few seasons, then there is a movie which has some background story in the way of "the Transformers were created by an evil species called Quintessons to work as slaves, and then they rebelled" and they have to fight an evil planet eating transformer god called Unicron. After this, there are more cheesy episodes, but with new characters and set in space. There is only one recurring girl transformer named Arcee, and this in a series that is basically a cartoon-as-toy commercial, and thus has as many characters as possible.
The most memorable are Optimus Prime (of course) and Soundwave, he of the cool voice, distinctive speech pattern and the many underlings/protegees.
The comics are slightly more gritty, and, given multiple writers, slightly less comprehensible to string together in your mind (there's even more characters in them).

Then there's Headmasters and Masterforce, which are a sort of continuation of the cartoon. Headmasters has the transformers work like a sort of Gundam by way of detatchable heads, Masterforce has humans transform into transformers. Something is going on with yet another evil energy being alien god something, and something with the blood of Unicron. Frankly, the most interesting thing I bothered to remember about these series is the villains Mega and Giga, because they're in love with eachother. It's kinda forgettable.

There's Car Robots/Robots in Disguise, which main claim to any sort of memorableness is the fact that it is the first series that wasn't a direct knock-off/follow-up of the 80's cartoon. And it has a Haiku-loving shark-robot, so there's that.

Then there's the Unicron trilogy. Rather than fight over energon/energy as in a lot of other series, this entire series is based on fighting over the resource of Minicons, basically transformers that are smaller than humans and can work as a powerboost to the bigger transformers. It's not known to be a very good series, though the interesting thing is that this series basically has the most likable, courageous and rightminded Starscream in any series. Seeing as how he still ends up betraying his friends, that tells you a lot about Starscream.

Transformers animated is a pretty cool series, if you want to start anywhere. It has a different political system, in that "Prime" doesn't basically mean godking or divinely chosen supreme leader of the Autobots, but is a militairy rank. And not an extremely high or unique one.
This series has a young and disgraced Optimus Prime, his crew of repair and maintenance losers, the sanest, most practical Megatron ever, and is one of the rare series not set during "the great Autobot-Decepticon war". It also has a likable and relevant human character for longer than one episode for a change, namely Sari. Well, human? Downsides is that the last season never got made. All-Spark is pretty plot relevant in the seasons that did get made.

There's the Bay movies, which is what is most well-known. Everything explodes, everyone dies, weapons are awesome, women are for looking at, government can't be trusted, Optimus and Bumblebee might be the only characters it's vaguely safe to get attached to, not really my jam.

There's Shattered Glass. Know what mirror universes are? This is it. Megatron is somehow a more likable person that Optimus Prime normally is, Optimus is doesn't just have a screw loose, several screws are missing and are replaced by solid sadism. Starscream is insecure, Soundwave is a surfer dude, earth has a population of a few billion less and there are signs of a past atomic war. It's a few comics and novels you can find in pdf files. This is not a very big series, but it's a little difficult to get into at times. (we're in deep nerd territory for even knowing of this series)
(Also, one of the more notable/likable human characters is a transhumanist. I kind of like that.)

Then there's the Beast-era series, Beast wars and Beast machines, which has solid character building, interesting plot, and intelligent villain, solid voice acting, and outdated 3d animation.
Try this if you're a bit more interested in Transformers. I found the series back on Kiss cartoons. Beast Wars is apparently better than it's successor Beast Machines, but I haven't gotten that far again yet.
Shortpacked (the online comic) has an interesting little spinoff of this series called Ultra Mammoth (just google it and you'll get it), which is pretty cool, pretty short, and fits in there perfectly.

There are multiple Transformer comics, but the crown jewel is the IDW series.
If you wish to try, the Windblade series and the More than meets the eye series are pretty cool.
Windblade is basically "trying to restore the planet and make friend with other planets/colonies while the person you have to work with is Starscream, of all people" except more fun than that, and MTMTE is basically "Roadtrip in space! With personality issues, the worst luck, likable characters and so much dead you guys". Quite possibly, they have the only decent psychologist in all of fiction on board, by the name of Rung.
The Wrecker series is also cool, but it's basically too much death and grit to my tastes. It's bright point is Verity, one of the few, very few likable human characters in IDW, who tries to improve herself and be a better, kinder person than she was before while getting caught in the aftermath of a war, being homeless, and losing friends.
If you like dogs, decent people and people trying to write despite not being very good at it (yet) look up IDW Thundercracker. He's a decent person, dislikes genocide, likes dogs, and he nearly has an agent for his scripwriting, he swears. He left the Decepticons in a way that usually gets people killed. He's working trough his issues.

Then there's the Alligned franchise, which has:

War for Cybertron and Fall of Cybertron, which are basically the best computergames you'll find in the entirety of the Transformers franchise, and there are a lot of computergames. They let you play out the rise of the Decepticons to power, the destruction of the planet Cybertron, and the escape of the Autobots to outer space, and, eventually, Earth.

Transformers Prime, basically the flagship series of the alligned franchise, and a little darker than your average children's cartoon, but light enough to actually still be a childrens cartoon. Not too much characterdeath so it's safe enough to get attached, pretty consistent, go for the original english version and avoid the japanese dub because that one tried to go for more cutesy. One of the less important characters named Airachnid is a serial killing bountyhunter and the japanese version makes her a cutesy boy crazy, which... doesn't really work, because a lot of the animation is kept the same. Also, likable human characters. We have actually likable human characters here, including a responsible parent. This is pretty much a miracle in any kind of transformers series.

Rescue bots. The series for young children that will take your heart and run with it and you want all your transformer adventures to end up in this universe because everyone lives, the show is good, the human characters are likable, everyone has a personality and nothing hurts.

Robots in disguise 2015. A bit confusing because it has a similar name to a previous show. Overal, a lot of potential, but it falls flat. Where Transformers Prime and even the games show some morally gray areas, as you can expect with a war, and people in general, this one is pure moral black and white. Criminals and Decepticons are pretty much a name for the same thing, and a punishment of accidental destruction or picking a figth is the same as for crimebosses, destroying entire cities, and, oh, psychological help for your obvious problems which would solve everything does not exist. Also, there is the implicit hint of frametype discrimination of people with "animal" type bodies or transformations.
The human characters are basically flat. The bland "please imagine yourself here" where possible, really.

Aaand that's it.
6/24/2014 c2 LuxEterna1
nice definitly something diferent
though for hermione to become the best flier *snicker*
5/12/2014 c11 2Veno7913
You could putthis one as a one-shot
Its very good
2/26/2013 c8 1mizukikage
i could see this one being a cool story.
11/26/2012 c9 56Monica Moss
Way to go, Kaito Kuroba, Harry Potter, and Ronald Weasley! (Even if Kudo did plant a bug on them in the end.) :D
10/20/2012 c11 Thornado
This is brilliant.
9/10/2012 c12 Elspeth
I loved this. The Weasley Twins and not-Hogwarts make a great combo...
9/1/2012 c11 Guest
Great chapter
8/31/2012 c12 Skye Guardian
This one really was cute. If I may sugest, would you do a insuyasha x-over one?
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