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3/30/2015 c12 Charmz7
This is such an interesting idea. Can't wait to read more :)
8/12/2014 c12 varee
Strange - I usually am adverse to narration such as yours: lots of talking and little description. Only after I finished this chapter I realized I did not feel this way this time. How long do you write to acquire this ability?
I did feel you are dilly-dallying with the plot, though. Love and attraction can interest only so much after all, and there are senshi reincarnations that could make appearance as well. Amy's mythology is quite interesting; makes me wonder if these stories were somehow influenced by Beryl and not contain whole truth, or act as simple guide for the future girls to act?
Do the reinacnated boys affect the future senshi? When will (IF hey do, of course) the outer senshi arrive?
You know, I love stories that puts more questions than answers. How intriguing.
8/4/2014 c11 sailor
Update soon
7/29/2014 c11 crossovers suck
Just stop writing them. Never seen anyone do a good one anyway lol. You all should just go away.
7/26/2014 c11 varee
Actually, I feel your style has improved. No useless fashion descriptions unless strictly necessary, faster-paced plot, better portrayed characters than in the last two chapters.
Keep it up.
7/24/2014 c11 18Venusian Angel
anyways I am loving this story... Poor Quatre/Apollo upset cause they all think he is gay. It's ok Quatre its called being Metrosexual and its very in right now lol.
You sometimes had me confused because of the names like you called Ares Wufei in the ball scene but I believe it was meant to be Ares?
Either way cant wait for more!
7/25/2012 c10 varee
wow, that sucked me right up until the end, and didn't let me off even with my family shouting right in my ear to stop reading those damned faific's, as they call them.
of course, while I simply love the SMGW crossover and the idea behind this story I do find myself correcting spelling mistakes or interpunction here and there, though it's nothing major, and honestly, do not spoil my reading pace..
I'm looking forward to the next chapter. to tell you the truth I kind of expected the Princes merge with their original counterparts, but that didn't happen.. so telling I'm curious would be a huge misunderstanding, hehe "
hope to hear from you soon,
6/13/2012 c10 11NoLongerWriting-AbandonedAccou
YEY! an update! This makes me super happy!

Your writing is always so wonderful and I'm getting back into my love for mythology so reading this update made me giddy!

I wish I had been able to read sooner but I'm using the library PC since I smashed my exes laptop cause he cheated on me, for the last time. Ugh he was such a douche! It was my birthday too :C kjfhkweh ARGHW! Maybe I shouldn't have smahsed it, maybe I should have said it was stolen and kept it lol, nah, it felt way to good throwing it around.

Anyway, I'll be back and review again if when I come back there is another update! I never know when because I'm working so much :C UGH for so little lol but reading these great stories makes me happy and inspires me, so I hope to see more next time!

The timer is running low, so I gotta go! Stupid public system! UPDATE!
6/8/2012 c10 14MinakoTrickster
I was laughing so hard as well as feeling a good amount of pity for our dear Apollo and Quatre. Most do assume that he is gay because of the very reasons you gave. It probably is a discredit to him that he had 29 older sisters to learn from. It'll be funny to see how he proves he isn't gay.

-Sniffles- I got my Trowa and Minako moment in here! Haha, just kidding. But I always love the little sparks of it when I see it. I'm too easy that way. ;)

I do like that we got to see a bit of our present girls, which I noticed you used the anime names for. That'll make the distinctions between them (if they meet up) easier. And those books that present Amy found? Hmm, I forsee something stellar with the revelation of those. Maybe showing something that they might have forgotten?

I think we shall have a fun night and I am all too eager to see where you will go with this.

I love the new title, it does fit nicely with what is taking place.

And once more, I'm babbling. Thank you for an awesome chapter, dear! I can't wait for more and seeing the continuation! ;)

Keep it up!
6/7/2012 c10 18JPandS
Lol so I had a complete loser moment when checking my email XD I saw an update notification for this story but when I looked to see by which author it was, I had somehow found myself looking at "Henshin-Boy" haha. I was like, what? Who is Henshin-Boy? Anyhow, it wasn't until I actually logged out and navigated to fanfiction that I had seen your update and suddenly all things made sense again XD *sigh, its been a pretty long week for me ;

Anyhow, I was so happy to see an update!

The beginning has seriously left me with so many questions. That is such a heavy way to end a scene with that title. I am definitely anxious to see what it all means. Like really, I wanna know!

I thoroughly enjoyed the humor in this chapter. I really needed it! And for that I cannot thank you enough! That ending was priceless lol poor Apollo XD Makoto sure has dug herself a hole huh? haha now I can't stop laughing about it. The fact that they get to go to a ball is so exciting! I do love balls! Especially when people get all dressed up and usually something spectacular happens action-wise or romantically or both

As for Zeus, his little discussion with Usagi was so sweet. I do love your characterizations of her! As well as your characterizations of all the other characters. Duo of course was such a riot haha. I'm glad Ami didn't put up much of a fight with him about being his date. I do actively wonder what that guy is gonna try when they get there...wink wink nod nod lol

I especially loved the image of Heero at the top of the stairs with his hair half blow dried and a robe XD lol that has certainly taken away from his intimidation factor.

Now, somehow I get the feeling that Rei might get something in her fire reading when it happens. Usually when people doubt they're going to see anything then they get the shock of a lifetime heh ; but that's just speculation :)

In short, this chapter was awesome! And thank you so much for updating! Keep up the great work!
6/2/2012 c9 29Phiso
This is a ridiculously fun read, and I can't wait for more!
4/19/2012 c9 11NoLongerWriting-AbandonedAccou
Hello! I'm good! lol I'm glad I stopped into read this, it's amazing! I love the idea and you've made it very plausable. Your attention to detail and description is good, the length of the chapter is good but I want longer! Well I want an update actually PLEASE . lol

Your character portrayal is done well for your story, and I'm falling in love with the characters c:

The way you write, especially in this latest chapter, is amazing, so don't stop. I know this category is dead, but we have to keep trying otherwise it will die. If we update and make new stories, it will capture more of a fanbase and then we can get more reviewers but with hardly any updates or new stories being made, most people don't come here anymore. BUT WE HAVE TO TRY! So hopefully I'll see an update soon c: this story deserves to be written until it's complete.
1/27/2012 c9 14MinakoTrickster
Oh yay girl! Ami, always the genius knows how to connect it all. It does make me wonder what we'll see when they catch up to our future girls. After they have defeated Beryl you think? That would make it interesting, especially if, like the guys, they had a lot more training or strength under their belt.

Can't wait for more. Keep up your work.

I saw nothing to complain about other than my craving for more. Lol.
1/14/2012 c9 18JPandS
Hello! It was such a pleasant surprise to find that you had updated! Given I did have to reread a few chapters but it was all worth it of course ;)

The two Duos have certainly won my favor. Pretty boy Eros and the more built Duo play off each other so well! It is just so amusing ^^ I really really love those guys in this chapter! Plus, the Aphrodite bit was funny lol couldn't help but laugh until my stomach hurt on that one XD

The fights between the pilots and their twins were interesting. I've never really stopped to think about how strong they'd be without their magic but now that it has come up, it makes a lot of sense that they'd lack physical strength in comparison to their pilot twins. I am definitely looking forward to seeing how training goes for them and Quatre's last statement was so...endearing. I kind of melted at his kindness and determination to help. ^^; Admittedly, Quatre hasn't always been my favorite but lately I've somehow developed a much larger appreciation for him as well as a realization that there is so much more to him than I had originally given him credit for.

Nevertheless, I loved this update! Also, I'm so glad you updated! Hope all is well and can't wait to read more! ^^ As always, great work!
6/28/2011 c8 14MinakoTrickster
You, my dear, I have to say am very proud of. I hate that its taken me so long to come a read this. The details used in this chapter, brilliant. I love the story behind Beryl. Every character needs a back story and you've given us one.

I have liked the story thus far and I can't wait for more. I am working on my story, slowly but surely. I am hoping to finish doing the touch ups soon, but I think I'll be posting a new chapter, even if those aren't finished.

Keep up the wonderful writing my dear.
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