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for The Art of Pretending It Isn't Your Fault

11/24/2023 c40 MatiasND
I loved this story.
Even if I'm not a Duncney fan, I really enjoyed it.
11/9/2023 c32 Guest
10/28/2023 c30 carol 3
THIS CHAPTER WAS SO CUTEEEEE i hope she never fufills the deal with duncan (she will)
8/31/2023 c40 JosyRosy
Literally binged this in 3 days, which in hindside was a bad idea becasue now im sad its over, im not sure if you guys will see this but if you do, thank you! I screamed and cried and face palmed many times during this (in the best ways) you two are seriously talented and gifted in writing, never stop!. I wish all you the best!
5/26/2023 c5 Sophia
As a girl I can say that I have many male friends and we bond like men, its awesome girls suck and are all horomonal and angusty its super hard to keep friendships with girls. plus all my guy friends play poker with me in biology and its cool. We also bond over rap music
5/25/2023 c10 Kali
Excellent writing!
5/24/2023 c3 Kali
In general, I am not a Duncney fan, more of a Gwourtney girlie myself, but seeing as I am from the future (as far as this was written), that isn't that big of a surprise. However, this is definitely one of the better written fics I've read so far, and their dynamic is funny. Was a big fan of the Eva face off.
9/27/2022 c29 Ichigoblossom23
Is my memory faulty or is Cody surprisingly smart?
9/27/2022 c26 Ichigoblossom23
Omg this is so awesome, I love how Chris keeps waking up knowing what Courtney and Duncan are doing in his room
5/12/2022 c1 beanzhead
I remember I started reading this when I was in EIGHTH grade. I was 13 years old and would copy and paste the text into note pad when I was at school to read at home later bc I didnt have internet at home. I'm 26 now and I'm in awe of how dedicated you all were to finish this story. The banter is wonderful, the schemes and snide remarks duncan comes up with is genius, the understanding of their dynamic and making it completely in character that this could be cannon, the research you did for scenes with the yacht and how to freeze a pool. YOU ALL DID US THIS SERVICE FOR FREE! I'm not sure if you still read these reviews but genuinely thank you all for writing this. Reading this gave me so much nostalgia. I am so pleasantly surprised how well the writing hold up today too
4/1/2022 c40 1Ushio
So just finished this after starting it a couple of days ago after just getting into Total Drama about two weeks ago thanks to a fan made YouTube music video of all things.

I thought it was really good and captured the characters pretty well.

But your plans for the final challenge were brilliant and very cruel. It would have been an interesting thing to see on screen that's for sure.
2/21/2022 c31 helzabini
this is a brilliantly scripted masterpiece
the chain of events, character portrayals is 11/10 best one i have read yet and i am so sad that there’s only 9 chapters left!
i have laughed out loud countless times and screamed into my hand way too much
this is spectacular perfect portrayal of the whole cast
i would choose this one over the all stars any day fuck the producers this is how it should be! LOVE IT
2/21/2022 c17 helzabini
you are amazing literally
how you portrait the characters is phenomenal
also loved the all stars note x
6/26/2021 c40 8light is in the dark Just finished reading this and it's amazing that you two pushed through obstacles in life and still managed to get this fic done. I had the luxury of being able to binge read but I wish I was in for the ride. Dont mind me just adding to my favorites... and done! Take care, both of you!
4/17/2021 c40 augustsnorth
and then all the other seasons and specials happened, hah.

i have first started reading TAOP in circa 2013 or 2014, back when my English was so bad that most information I consumed in such language was soon forgotten.

as it is, this allowed me to start rereading this seven years later, after the fic's been completed (truth be told though, I vaguely recognised lots of things).

the change in writing quality and characterization was noticeable. i had to put the story down at one time because this was close to canon and I couldn't believe i liked such arseholes :P but somewhere around the 23rd or -fourth chapter, I became addicted and read this as fast as I could (with the exception of Courtney's part which gave me so much secondhand embarrassment OH MY GOD)

so it ends. this fic brought me close to tears on so many ocassions and to other displays of emotional distress every so often. in. some chapters, it never ended.

this is, overall, one of the best fanfictions that I have read (on this platform, on this story, on this couple, etc). that you have taken it upon yourselves to describe so much from the point of view of other characters and done so so well is a feat I can only aspire to. TAOP has truly been an inspiration.

thank you for the experience.
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