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8/23/2017 c37 Fan
I had a day off, and I accidentally spent it reading all thirty-seven chapters of this story in a row. And honestly? I'm absolutely blown away at how phenomenal this story turned out. You guys brought me so much joy today, and turned my mild interest about Duncan and Courtney into a full-blown obsession. Hands down, THE greatest story I've seen on FFN (tied with Machine Gun Blues).

I could go on about how in tune you were with the character's voices, or how wonderfully you set the tone, or how sneakily masterful the dialogue was, or how every single character felt...well, in character - but the best part of this story to me was watching your writing evolve over time. TO give an example, the only real gripe I had with the quality of writing was the jumping-around of perspectives within a single scene. But that was fixed soon enough. It's been an honor watching you both grow as authors. (Even joining so late in the game.)

Also, developing the side characters through Courtney in this chapter was genius!

I wish I had found this story later, when the whole thing was finished, so I would be able to have a full night's sleep WITHOUT worrying if Courtney's Hail Mary works out. Or sooner. So I could've had more time with this story. I also wish I had some constructive criticism to add, but I can't find a single flaw in recent chapters.

I'll be sure to read the AO3 version in full once it comes out, because I actually have an account there. And check here every month for a possible update.

Kudos to you both for sticking with this piece for so long! My head exploded after reading the author's notes at the sheer amount of effort you've put into this piece. Your improvement and skill shines through every single scene, and I hope you consider futures in writing (if you aren't writers already). I can't wait for the conclusion!

Also, I hope you're happy with yourselves for making me stay up until one AM on a weeknight to gush about this amazing, amazing story. (Actually, scratch that. The one thing I learned from these two dorks is to, y'know, not pretend that it isn't your fault.)

(Was that corny? I'm sorry.)
8/21/2017 c37 10RJ.E-scope.DxC
8/4/2017 c37 Guest
I literally started this two days ago and it's amazing so far! I can't wait for the next chapter.
7/31/2017 c1 4PastelYellow
You guys just keep on blowing me away! I loved this chapter so much, and the interaction between Duncan and Bridgette is just so sweet. Thank god Courtney got her head out of the gutter, you guys couldn't have written the scene better (her going down there to obliterate all the footage of them bit ending up only destroying his confeasion) GAAAHH I just love this story so much
7/26/2017 c37 slamminsam636
soo i just stumbled upon this masterpiece. i love it so much. i cannot believe its not done as my desire for closure is killing me, but this is fantastic. WHEN IS THE FINALE YOOOO. love it so so much. thank you for this whole fanfic!
7/20/2017 c37 3Sadashi
I literally, and I mean LITERALLY, screeched when I saw you guys updated! I've been so frustrated today, and this chapter just gave me some pep in my step! I've been reading this story since about chapter 8 or 9, I think, and to see it come this far is just amazing. Can't wait for the next update!
7/19/2017 c37 3MiserableRose
I saw this and it nade me so happy! Thank you for updating! The characters was made perfectly and every line made since. I really appreciate good writing~ so a job well done n vn
7/19/2017 c37 Guest
Omg so glad you updated. I already had this story linked in my history and whe I clicked it by accident, and it said updated an hour ago, I was like NO WAY, I FEEL LIKE A WON THE LOTTO! Awesome chapter, so glad we finally know what Duncan went to juvie for! But I'm confused did Courtney watch the confession tape?, Does she know what he did? Anyway I'm so happy her mission is to go make up with him, while she still can. I know it gets repetitive but: Pllllleeeasssseeeee update soon!
7/18/2017 c36 Guest
7/16/2017 c36 Guest
Gods I love this story! It's one of the few I check up on now and again! I hope you guys get around to updating again!
6/25/2017 c1 Guest
I stopped reading this around the chapter on the ice rink because I knew that if I kept going I would traumatized myself for reading a story that wasn't finished. I only ever read finished stories so I don't get dependent and wait for updates but I figured if you were never gonna update I might as well read what you have written so far. Worst mistake of my life because I adore this and every few weeks or so I check for an update and nada. I absolutely loved this story. If I could print this out like a book (finished hopefully) just so I could keep reading it when I'm without wifi I would. You guys have done a fantastic job and I'm furiously awaiting an update!
6/24/2017 c36 Guest
years later and I still love this
6/23/2017 c27 Guest
Seriously I would pay you with a newborn child if it meant you guys finished this story. I've been looking for new finished content to binge read for days and nothing. I need an update. Please finish this for the good of mankind- it's so good and your almost done with the first season timeline! I beg of you
6/21/2017 c1 Guest
Please tell me your coming back soon! It's been months since the last update! I gave up on this story years ago cuz there were no updates but when I saw new chapters I re read the whole thing. I've been regularly checking for new chapters but diddly squat- please finish this story! It's so close to the end!
6/8/2017 c36 Guest
Its ... been ... yearsssss. Please finish this story already i want to reread it all without having to wait for updates im dying here
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