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11/25/2020 c40 multidrxma
I finished this fanfic in the span of two days. It is truly amazing! Also, November 2020 anyone? :) (duncney for life)
11/19/2020 c4 beauteenzy
loooove it
11/19/2020 c3 beauteenzy
looooove this it's prolly really old but im reading it in 2020 and- yeah i need help but love this authy keep it up!
10/12/2020 c40 mmosesmia
Hey! I know u probably won’t even see this but I have a few notes on the story.
First things first- it was an absolute pleasure to read. It was funny, romantic and a bit sad at times, and the way u write is amazing, like reading a book.
With that said, the story could be a bit... long at times. Don’t get me wrong there’s some chapters I wish would go on forever, but in some parts that don’t matter as much, it seems like it’s just too long, and I just want to get to the good stuff so I’m reading fast or skipping a bit.
But my biggest problem was the ending. I absolutely adore the first bit of them in the woods, but suddenly he just wants her back and they’re in love? Idk, just doesn’t make sense to me. U might should have kept it going for a chapter or 2 so you’ll finish it off properly. Don’t get me wrong I’m so glad they got back together but there’s maybe a better way to do it. Maybe u should have showed the final episode of tdi or something and they’ll get together then.
Anyways it’s still my favorite fanfic of all times and it’s written so well it’s ridiculous.
Stay safe at this crazy times and sorry for any English mistakes, it’s no my first language
9/14/2020 c40 Luna
I found this fic sometime in the summer; I don't recall the exact day, but I was enchanted by it. Over the next few months, I'd read a chapter or two here or there, patiently chipping away at 40 chapters and 200k words. TAOP is so excellently crafted, and I'm very very glad I found it after it was completed, so I didn't have to wait months for chapter updates. Parts of Duncan and Courtney's story touched me and made me reflect on the relationships in my own life, and that's a testament to the emotions you were able to evoke.
Tl;dr Thank you for writing such a personal, heartfelt, well-written romance!
9/9/2020 c40 Lepeti
Thanks for writing the story! It’s so good, I started reading and couldn’t sleep because I wanted to finish, I loved it
8/19/2020 c40 Byrd3-13
Really great story. Awesome way to find those missing pieces off camera
8/4/2020 c40 Oh golly
I genuinely feel like I'm witnessing the end of an era with this one. In some ways, I suppose I am. I figure y'all won't see this, but genuinely thank you both for writing one of the best Duncney fanfics I've ever read...let alone one of the best on the website.
7/23/2020 c1 2Princess.Mariaa
Literally my favorite fanfic !
7/2/2020 c9 Guest
I would take it duh and then hit him repeatedly like what else could you do
7/1/2020 c4 Guest
Kill him do it hahaha join the cult lol no don't do it

Not yet at least heh heh heh
6/18/2020 c40 Guest
I literally have no idea how you guys did this because it’s just so good! I could never. You actually make me feel so much for all of them, no matter how many times I read it I still get so emotional. When heather tells her my heart sinks, and when Courtney’s planning her apology and when it backfires I always have to stop reading cuz I experience second hand embarrassment! But the final chapter makes it all worth it because it’s so cute! I smile at my phone! Ik this fic is over (and it’s perfect) but would you consider an epilogue or one shot of the final competition scenes? Owen or gwens win idc I’d just love to see what you guys think of their little fight/makeout during the challenge- that was always one of my fav scenes
5/13/2020 c19 AshTheCrybaby
I'm guessing that you guys were the interns. (supposedly)

Also, I JUST found this story, (Many years too late) and I've gotta say, it's hella good!
5/9/2020 c40 Natasha
Thank you guys so so so so much. I discovered this fic at age 10, new to fandom and the rest of the world. I idolized these characters and you, and I can truly say i would never be a part of online fandom, which shaped my personality and friendships, if not for TAOP. But I've covered that in past reviews, and I wanted to talk about something I only realized while reading this final chapter. Your writing of this relationship taught me what I perceive love to be. The chemistry, the banter, the wild passion, they're all things I idealize and wish for in my own relationships. I remember deeply longing for a friendship like Courtney and Bridgette's, fantasizing about my own date in the prop room. Now I'm a 16-going-on-17, and I don't expect a wild enemies-to-lovers summer fling anytime soon, but I think subconsciously these two managing to deeply understand someone so different from them will influence me for a long time. I hope your lives are going well and you know just how many people your writing, now matter how silly, has touched :)
5/5/2020 c3 AshTheCrybaby
I absolutely love this fanfic! You guys did a terrific job! Duncney is my favorite TD couple of all time, so when I saw this fanfic, I was like: "OMG YESSSSSS!"

Thank you so much for writing this awesome story! I really enjoyed it and am truly amazed by how good this is!
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