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for The Art of Pretending It Isn't Your Fault

2/17/2018 c38 maebyfunke
I cannot believe this fic is still updating there are times when i feel like you guys just gave up completely. I've been reading this fic since I was in 7th grade and now its literally almost 10 years later so its been a huge part of my formative years ... Please finish this before i die.
2/17/2018 c38 10RJ.E-scope.DxC
OMGGGGGGGG HOLY BIRDBUTTS THIS CHAPTER IS SOOOOO GOOD! Also I love y'all's portrayal of Geoff and Lindsay! I'm super hyped for the next chapter! I NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS!
2/17/2018 c38 Guest
I finally had a chance to reread the whole thing plus the new chapter and you’re killing me... it’s just so good and I just want them to be happy. And I’m just so excited too cuz I know that something has GOT to happen in order for them to go from where they are now to them making out in front of everybody in the finale- tensions gotta build and I’m so ready. Please update soon!
2/16/2018 c38 Guest
Ugh I love this SO MUCH. Please release the next chapter soon I want them to be happy already it’s killing me!
2/16/2018 c38 Guest
I’ve read the whole thing but the newest update so far cuz I wanted to catch up and I’m so nervous and excited for this next chapter!
2/12/2018 c38 Guest
I’m so glad you finally updated! I literally thought I open the wrong saved tab till I noticed it was too recent! I’m gonna re read this whole thing first and then comment again once I read your new chapter. I’m so excited
2/12/2018 c38 CleopatrasSin
I NEVER WOULD HAVE GUESSED U WOULD UPDATE. This is a fic 8 years in the making, wow! Thank youuuuuu
2/11/2018 c38 4PastelYellow
I just oh god I love it so much
2/11/2018 c38 2StarStruckPenguinLover
I love it
2/11/2018 c38 3onetruthprevailsdc
2/11/2018 c38 tradingtruthsforlies
I just realized I've been reading this story since 2010 and started ugly crying- thank you so much for keeping me engaged for the better part of a decade! I can't wait to see how this ends. Also, LOVE that last part of the authors note- very glad to know how quickly you can die in an industrial freezer now, as well as Muskoka being a Great Lake (also not from Canada, so that was a BIG surprise)
2/11/2018 c38 slamminsam636
OH YEAH YOURE BACK! Hope the new years reso makes more chapters come out bc i love this story and yalls work.

2/11/2018 c38 candidlyraul
just as this was created as more info with duncney during playa de losers you two should do another for action when they take the lamosine! anyways love the story !
2/6/2018 c37 Guest
Just absolutely incredible. You took a kids TV show and turned it into a dramatic, heart-wrenching and fascinating story with well-rounded characters and amazing writing and dynamics. Love love love and can't wait for the next chapter!
2/2/2018 c6 Courtney2.0
Why is it all in Duncan's pov? Can't there be some Courtney's POV too?
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