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1/21/2010 c17 15Autumn.Daydream
1/21/2010 c16 Autumn.Daydream
Alex is one bad bitch
1/21/2010 c15 Autumn.Daydream
Glad he is over that bitch. Nice smut!

Alex nices to take a volume
1/21/2010 c14 Autumn.Daydream
Alex doing all of this is letting Harper know that it would be Alex would destroys the Earth. I mean look at all the things she is doing to kill her brother. Damn just shot him bitch and get it over with. Poisin him. ALl of this just to supposedly stop your brother. gaw!
1/21/2010 c13 Autumn.Daydream
Is there like anyone in this story who isn't hungry for power or fame. Harper's uncle is a bitch for that. YOU'RE OWN NIECE! I guess wizard pussy does that to you.

1/21/2010 c12 Autumn.Daydream
getting good..

I hate when people use fixing in a story. Just say it was about to rain. I noticed this in your other chapters. I don't even think that a word. I know fixing is a word, but 'fixing to' is just not a good choice of words to use when you about to describe what is about to happen.

Which I can't say much. I have errors in my stories too.

I really hope Victor isn't going to do with Harper what I think he is going to do.

1/21/2010 c11 Autumn.Daydream
A few continuty errors, but it's still a good chapter. So Alex wasn't a virgin when Justin raped her? that explains why there was no blood, I guess.
1/21/2010 c14 DeanHenderson
Good job on the chapter and I would personally like to thank you for the quick and awesomely fast updates! Anyways I would laugh so hard if Max ended up plotting this whole Alex vs Justin thing cause deep down he knew that he didn't stand a chance against either one of them lol. Maybe Max did some knid of dark forbidden spell to get Justin to umm exploit his feelings towards her by raping her? That's probably the only way I see Justin going to back normal and redeeming himself back in the process. Anyways looking forward towards your next chapter.
1/20/2010 c7 6umbrellaleg
GAH frickin water absorbency spell!

DIE JUSTIN, get hanged from Lady Liberty for all to see!
1/20/2010 c2 umbrellaleg
HAH HA! Hannah Montana reference! yeahs, xD
1/20/2010 c11 DeanHenderson
I know this is your own Au universe and you can make the characters a lot smarter, have different personalities and etc but u mentioned that Alex was a virgin when Justin raped her but Harper's uncle had sex with her? Just a little continuty error I had spotted in the story. If Harper hated Justin for doing this to her best friend I'm pretty sure she would of hated her uncle for the exact same reasons lol. And one more thing, I thought Harper was the one who gave the gun to Alex. So techically, Alex never met Richard?

Okay, I just finsihed the chapter and I guess it's implied that Alex never did anything sexually to Richard but wouldn't Harper have realized that Alex lost her virginity and etc to Justin and not to this dude?
1/19/2010 c10 15Autumn.Daydream
One Max is stupid. Harper is umm... I hope she can stop this. Poor Alex
1/19/2010 c9 Autumn.Daydream
That is one mean embryo.
1/15/2010 c8 Autumn.Daydream
Ooh Alex is so power hungry and I love it! I hope the embryo survives. Which I'm finding that hard to believe it will. Alex is crazy. I hope Justin doesn't try to rape Alex again and I hope this lust faze is over. Post more soon when you get the chance!
1/15/2010 c7 Autumn.Daydream
Wow this is just sad, poor Alex. Harper is taking this a lot easy. I would take her as getting really angry at Justin for what he did. I guess she is staying come for Alex.
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