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1/15/2010 c6 15Autumn.Daydream
Now that was a somewhat realistic rape scene. I am in almost in shock over here and Alex shooting Justin out of the blue. Oh so he knows about the water healiong trick. How does one remove an embryo.

Now I must know what is going to happen to it.

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1/15/2010 c5 Autumn.Daydream
Wow Alex is like my hero. Pick the perfect place for teh perfect murder and never get caught. ALls he have to do is hope the gun never gets found afterwards.

Justin wow really, looking through his sisters closet for rip worthy clothes. SO dirty. Just is just a regular guy. Never think if the girl actually wants them or not. He just wants to knock boots.

I can't wait to read more.

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1/15/2010 c4 Autumn.Daydream
"virginity’s death warrant." - Priceless.

Poor Them! Justin he doesn't know he is about to die and Alex doesn't know she is about to be raped. (I guess)

I can't wait to see each others reactions.

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1/15/2010 c3 Autumn.Daydream
Okay 2098? Wouldn't Alex, Max, her family and Harper be dead. If Alex was 16 or (17) in 2009 she would be 106 and I'm pretty sure if she is still alive her parents would be dead though, but then again it is just a vision she was having.

I'm sorry, but this just doesn't seem like Alex, all that good with history. I doubt it. Even with one vision she wouldn't be able to remember everything.

The water healing trick seems more like a witches power.

On to the next chapter!
1/15/2010 c2 Autumn.Daydream
"The walrus sings at midnight!" Aw Hannah Montana homage!

So Alex wants to kill Justin because she had a vision that he got the power and become the most powerful wizard.

I never understood why people think that when Justin, Max or Alex wins the competition they will become most powerful wizard. I'm sure it's all in their heads, because one of them will just be a full wizard.

On to the next chapter!
1/15/2010 c1 Autumn.Daydream
Wow! That has to hurt. In bed with your man and he calls out his sisters name. That's almost as worse as him calling out his mothers or your sister/mothers name. Justn mesmerized by Alex, hmm? Can wiat to see how he gets Alex in bed!
1/15/2010 c6 3Baku babe
Umm just one word: wow. It was both horrendous in terms of the plot, but great in terms of the fanfic. And what's gonna happen to the embryo? I mean that was pretty sick.
1/14/2010 c6 4gottaxluvxdisneyxchannelx96
1/14/2010 c3 DeanHenderson
Good story but I doubt Alex would know much about history or anything to do with school lol. So will it be explained why Justin and Alex are the only wizards in history that are going to be corrupted by the power and how is Justin able to pull off world war 3? I'm pretty certain other wizards would go up against him before any of that knid of stuff happens? The water healing thing was so not Alex back there lol. But then again, maybe Alex is tricking Harper and made up the whole vision thing? Anyways keep up the good work!
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