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4h c42 Stangallant1
Any more chapters coming thx for the good story
1/23 c42 Kai
Okay, he's kinda desperate, but he did never think about what Dumbledore may suspect where Riddle got his information? I'm quite sure that Dumbledore doesn't know how to look up medical professionals in the non-magical world either (he may be a halfblood, but when he still had contact to non-magicals the telephone wasn't even invented yet, far less common enough for a directory), but he knows that Snape is a halfblood raised in the non-magical world and possibly the only Death Eater who CAN find someone there. He would be the prime suspect.

He would achieve one goal, however. He would completely lose one of his masters' trust and would be firmly in the other's camp in the end. Now just to get Riddle to believe that...

Good that Hermione and Harry learned to act proactively. Who'd have guessed that losing years of your life (luckily not the memories, though) would have such results?

Good to see such a brilliant story continued!
1/23 c41 Kai
The use of Unforgivables to defend yourself, someone else, or your property is entirely unnecessary anyway. A blasting hex may be shielded against, something a Killing Curse wouldn't allow, but the Death Eater would need to know that spells other than stunners are to be expected or be really really good at duelling to manage the shield in time.
1/23 c40 Kai
*lol* I try to imagine a line of every goblin in Britain slowly shuffling to Lestrange's vault trying to be possibly endangered by the evil stuff in it. Little masters of wordplay and creative interpretation indeed.
1/23 c42 1Snaggledog
I don't know why I haven't found this story before now. This is a great tale with great writing. In very few places did it drag especially for such a long story. I usually don't like the soul mate concept but with the addition of Miranda I don't mind it at all. Death seems good too and it would be fun to see a little more of him.

Thanks for continuing with this story and I eagerly await the last chapters.
1/22 c42 22witowsmp
This has been an interesting read. I look forward to the next chapter.
1/22 c42 rubyred753
Ah, Snape is so crafty... he thinks. Looking forward to the next update. Stay safe!
1/22 c34 witowsmp
I do have an explanation why "Just Kidding" Rowling wrote the last 2 books. The 4th book came out while they were working on the 1st movie. She had a great start on the 5th book when the first movie came out. That's when her fame skyrocketed. After that, she allowed other factors besides artistic integrity make their way into her books. For example, after watching Daniel Radcliff in that play where he got nude, she told him that she would make Harry Potter strip a lot in the last book, which happened (changing in front of everyone in the Dursleys' living room before leaving, stripping before diving after the sword, being naked in the 'in-between' place). She also had Luna have pictures on her ceiling because Evanna Lynch did that with Harry Potter posters before getting hired for her role as Luna. There are many other things I could mention, but my point is that as her head got bigger, she wasn't as careful about what she wrote.
1/21 c42 LadyBlackHart
I know its been so long but please upload soon. I love this story
1/18 c42 Guest
Good story but can you please upload more chapters
1/19 c1 32trishathetrashywriter
I always suspected Hermione was going to say something else after "Friendship and Bravery" ever since I first saw Harry Potter & the Sorcerer's Stone.
1/17 c42 Guest
Hope to see a new chapter soon!
1/18 c42 deckman1234
This has been a great story and I am glad to see it still moving forward. Cheers:)
1/18 c42 Beyondthesea16
nice welcome back update, so the first casualty for the potion will be snape, waiting for more
1/16 c42 1avidreaded
Snape is about to make a terrible, horrible, absolutely hilarious mistake.
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