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for Harry Potter and Future's Past

5/23 c39 Jean Paul
No esta mal... me gusto el capitulo.
5/21 c42 wiebenor
Definitely want to see more chapters in this story if anyone is still working on it cuz it's, well, interesting, to say the least. Very good story so far
5/19 c42 Guest
Is there going to more to this story, or have you given up? Just need to know how it ends. Plus find out if Snape's plan backfires big.
5/20 c42 lynnell246
Shame you haven't updated in years. Just read this story great job on it!
5/15 c1 Guest
Isekai’ed by a kiss… word
5/16 c28 ThunderSphinx
Why can't Harry be both?
5/14 c1 1Eagleone 55
I really like this story could you please finish it?
Thank you
5/13 c42 piquelmyuzk
I HATE lovey dovey fics with a passion but I gave this a shot and I'm happy I did. Yes it gets overly affectionate sometimes but it's tolerable cause the rest of the righting is so good. I just hope it hasn't been abandoned. The author did that thing, imply a time range then disappeared for almost are year after the date passed. The rants are enjoyable.
5/13 c12 3Strugglemuggle
Additionally, if we consider Edinburgh to London being 411 miles, we can come up with an approximate Thestral airspeed (laden, obviously) of 137 mph. Not too shabby.
5/3 c42 Jimhh
I am really enjoying this story, it's probably one of the better stories that I have read.
You can probably have one of the elvs take a couple of fat rats with capsules that dissolve over time filled with the draught of living death to feed to Nagani then take her to Harry or the Dmle. Just a thought it would be on the same page as epi pens.
5/4 c15 SlickRCBD
This paragraph makes me picture Winky smoking a marijuana, given her butterbear addiction in canon:
"Unconscious in a cupboard in the kitchens of Hogwarts," Hermione replied with a chuckle. "Winky is currently standing over him with pot in hand. I brought him around and modified his memory. He now thinks Voldemort had sent him on a mission to Hogwarts and he was captured there. If Fudge reneges on his deal, we can produce him fairly quickly, otherwise we'll figure out what to do with him later."
4/28 c36 Guest
i could see ron either becomign evil he marries patsy parkinson or even some randome female sytherin person or is neutral or good by marrying daphne ggreengrass draco with ginny
4/26 c42 Guciec
Excellent story. Unfinished so far. Little heavy on dialogues IMO.
4/24 c42 Just William
Very good story, well written with lots of interesting sub-plots. Odd typo here and there but doesn't detract from the story. Update please.
4/12 c42 Guest
Not only is this a fascinating take on the time travel idea, but also one the soul mate one! I binged the entire story today and was so engrossed that I forgot to eat lunch I certainly hope you're doing well and that your muse is cooperating. Maybe offer her a light hearted one shot to boost her morale? Be well, hope you update soon!
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