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9/7 c15 Son of Kronos
I love this type of Albus. This is the manipulative Dumbledore I like. Mr. "I have a god complex and only
I know what's best" rather than an ACTUAL dark lord Albus.
8/28 c8 26DarkPhoenix101
I just cannot understand why so many fanfiction writers are so eager to justify slavery.
8/26 c1 Guest
Zzz, neither of them are in character, they’re talking like two puppets in a play.
8/16 c42 Guest
Update please and thank you.
8/7 c42 Guest
Did you abandon this story?
8/8 c15 kingpj999
Sirius is right, they can't afford a change of minister right now. Fudge may be an idiot, but he isn't stupid, he is a good politician and having him as an ally make everything easier.
8/8 c14 kingpj999
What amazing and epic battle, the use of the tools and the advantage of the terrain. Everything was perfect
8/6 c42 5Planar-Walking-Entertainment
Uh. Snape be falling past the gutter and into the Drain… at least we know the first live field test of Hermione and Harry’s protective solution will be implemented soon
8/6 c28 Planar-Walking-Entertainment
When I first read the chapter title, I’d been confused as well, yet now I seen it was another misunderstanding gag XD. Luna wanted help with her plants, and Molly thought they were about to have sex XD.
8/6 c24 Planar-Walking-Entertainment
That last bit. XD definitely a misunderstanding there. He thought Harry did something deviant with his daughter. Hermione is just upset Harry put a ‘print on her computer screen. XD
8/2 c12 Druscilla
June 11 is my birthday
7/27 c42 cadargo
Ha ha ha, hasta la vista, Severus Snape. It serves him right. I definitely won't miss him.
7/25 c42 BlindFaunusGirl
Really glad I came across this story. I hope you will be continuing it in the future.
7/23 c42 Guest
What a cliffhanger. Please come back to this soon. I am patiently waiting for the ending. Thanks for this story and all the others.
7/8 c29 21Jabari the Goat Sage
I never liked the Remus/Tonks pairing. Tonks is far too young and her personality doesn’t fit with Remus. Remus is so busy feeling sorry for himself that he brings the mood down.
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