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3/14 c8 2Detsella Morningdew
My understanding of the Horcruxes was that the death required to split your soul was specifically the murder of an innocent.

Don't you think Voldemort, in his great ego, would want deaths as equally notorious as the objects he used for his Horcruxes? But the only death that was notorious that he seemed to use was Harry, and he was defenseless, and a baby.

Battle isn't enough, and (probably) neither is the execution of an enemy.

Now, this is technically headcanon, since this wasn't exactly elaborated on, at least from what I remember, but it makes little sense for it to be anything else.
3/14 c7 Detsella Morningdew
I still love that you write real people. There are a few small romance moments that don't quite hit the mark, but that isn't that bad. Not compared to letting the main characters still make mistakes. Logical ones, too.

Like getting Amelia Bones to be Minister, a common trope (because she WOULD do a good job), would be bad during a war, because of continuity issues, not just with the Minister position, but with the DMLE. And you had Sirius correct them. Because despite being overly emotional and a general goof, he still grew up among people who knew politics. And he is still older than Harry and Hermione at this point, and has more experience with the magical world in general.

This is a fix-it fic, but I still feel like there are legitimate stakes involved, and it isn't just a power fantasy thing with a love interest.
3/14 c5 Detsella Morningdew
"Happiness is being married to your best friend" is pretty much always true.

It is why I detest the "love at first sight" trope. While you can definitely be infatuated at first sight, it always takes work, time, and friendship, as well as mutual attraction to truly love someone. Storge as well as Eros. (In fact, I consider "love" as a romantic concept to include a fair number of the Greek love types. At least in order for it to be "true love.")
3/14 c4 Detsella Morningdew
This is the most realistic version of this "genre" of fanfiction.

Most importantly, even as more-than-seventh-years, they don't automatically know every spell they might need. Harry was given Occlumency by a literal god, but still has a bit of trouble with his first attack. That sort of thing.

I don't mind the bashing either, because the entire point of this is to take HP's plot holes to their natural conclusion. (I believe as-intended Ron has character flaws, but still is a good person, for example.)
3/14 c1 Detsella Morningdew
First, I have to say that Miranda is a hilariously mundane, yet mystical enough name for a love goddess. And the concept that the bards just didn't like her real one is hilarious.

Second, while I think this is one of the best executions of this premise, at least in this first chapter, I've noticed a lot of HP issues come from something that J.K. Rowling can't write well.

First and foremost, Rowling is absolutely incapable of writing believable romance. It was almost definitely not planned (otherwise, certain scenes would be a lot more important later on). She also seems to be a mostly seat-of-her-pants type of writer - with an outline, and a few key informational details planned out, but most of her effort goes into the story at hand.

This is an okay way to write a book, but has a lot of weaknesses, and often creates lots of plot holes, or just unintentional implications. Dumbledore being involved in everything is one of those things that makes him seem quite the "interesting" character, far beyond his actual, intended flaws. And Rowling often prioritizes interesting scenes rather than logical ones. Like the gauntlet of trials to get to the Stone in the first book, which can be traversed by First Years. Or "Harry has to go back to the Dursleys" for that matter. It was done for thematic reasons, not logical ones, and Rowling tried to explain it away, without really making his other options not feasible.

I'm not saying Rowling isn't a good writer. I've learned a lot of things myself just from reading Harry Potter. Especially books 1-4, where she wasn't so rushed. Maybe given more time, or just given the knowledge that her series really would take off like this, she would have made the effort to fix these problems.
3/14 c42 tricorvus
Fantastic story. Hoping for a happy ending. COVID is awful. Death has touched my family. Hopefully it has left your family alone: this applies to anyone who might read this review.
Rock on
3/13 c42 Killerthebunny
This is such an amazing story, I love it so much. I especially love how you handled the ministry battle, it was simply inspired. I love seeing ingenuity like that in anything really but especially in a fic. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful work with us <3
3/10 c42 22crazzyredhead
Love the story been enjoying reading it and reading to my baby girl some parts I don’t read to her though lol.. love can’t wait for more
3/7 c13 15tyrannicpuppy
Still the coolest trap at the DoM I've ever read. Quick, through the door! Lol.
3/7 c41 JessicaCox2016
This is my favorite Harry/Hermione book! Love it!
3/7 c2 tyrannicpuppy
I love Miranda, she is a real hoot. Such a great story.
3/4 c42 Guest
It is obvious you update with long gaps(yes, I read Authors notes) try to update quickly. I am waiting with several hundred or thousand people you know for the next chapter and possibly until the end of the book it will be that way. Because you sir, are indeed a god damn well writer.
3/5 c42 GiseBahamonde1
Muy buena historia. Ojalá pronto la puedas terminar de publicar
3/4 c42 E.Elliot
I love it!
2/28 c41 2l'amour perdu
Just did a re binge of this story. I hope all is well and to see another update soon.
Keep it up
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