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5/5 c16 LovinqRosiie
oh gosh..i never thought i'd feel bad but..damn. abraxas malfoy was one of the original Death Eaters, or Knights of Walpurgis, and he's kind of the reason Lucius had to become one. it reminds me of the family pressure that Draco went through as well. this just proves that even a**holes have a story and reasons behind their choices, and while we might not appreciate them - we do not have the right to judge. I've always liked the idea of good!malfoys, on the grey side as both voldy and dumb-as-a-door are massive manipulators. so this Lucius Malfoy in a vegetable state for the rest of his life hurts.
5/5 c42 2AnimeLover229
I hope you will update soon. great work
5/2 c42 Visonarycarrot
Well fuck, now I’m waiting for more this is a well written story with an interesting plot I can’t wait for more so I can see how this ends
4/28 c42 Marie
Bonjour cher(e) auteur(e),
Je suis Française, donc j'écris en Français. J'espère que tu comprendras...
Je voulais te remercier pour cette magnifique histoire que tu nous as offerte. Elle est drôle, cohérente et envoûtante. Ta plume est légère, agréable et facile à suivre.
J'espère une mise à jour bientôt, même si j'ai peu d'espoir.
Bonne continuation dans l'écriture,
4/29 c42 Snowball1982
Thank you for continuing this. Ignore the uninformed reviews. grin. Snowball
4/28 c42 5Blue Luver5000
Great story, I cannot wait for more!
4/28 c42 19Dragonanzar
Great story! I've definitely been enjoying it so far, and am glad that, despite coming to the end of the published chapters, you've been updating recently :D I like your character progression - Dumbledore finally getting a clue (which, in a way, he should be commended for because it's not everyone who is willing to admit that maybe they were wrong about long-held opinions, even when hit in the face by evidence, as we have seen in recent times), Ginny getting some help (which she really should have had after the Chamber - once more evidence of JKR not taking trauma seriously), Ron finally starting to grow up a bit (let's hope that being given the Quidditch captaincy will be the kick in the pants that he needs. Though, thinking about his OWL results...are there actually any courses at Hogwarts that would accept him? I mean, I thought Transfiguration required at least an E, Potions under Slughorn the same...), several characters including Remus and the Weasleys starting to see that the sun doesn't shine out of Dumbledore's nether-regions...

In a way, the characters with the least amount of progression are the MCs, Harry and Hermione. I suppose because in a way they had already developed beyond where they had been at that stage in the timeline, and therefore the rest of those around them had to catch up first. Their relationship is very nice, though, and they seem to be getting closer all the time. Plus, they've had to change the way they interact with people - recognising a closer relationship with Fudge as a necessary evil, and working closely with Amelia Bones. Not to mention actually killing people, something which neither of them (to my knowledge) did in the previous timeline - even Voldemort was a rebounded curse rather than Harry intentionally killing him.

Speaking of that, it's a difficult dilemma. Dumbledore's right in a way, as tritely as he put it 'all life has value'. Everyone has people around them who would mourn their death. That said, when, like in this story, you have one set of people who are intentionally trying to hurt and kill others for no more reason than their desire to be superior, they need to be stopped. And although non-lethal measures do have a place, if by using them it opens the defenders up to being hurt or killed, and means that the attackers get away to continue causing mayhem and destruction...well, then lethal measures have to come out. So yeah, totally in agreement with Harry and Hermione's point of view here, and I'm glad Dumbledore has come around.

Just a point about the gun laws in the UK: private ownership of guns became forbidden in 1997, so technically, at the point that this story is set, the Grangers could have had a gun to protect themselves. I would imagine this would have extended to a security guard, though don't know for certain. Either way, your explanation of why there was no point in doing so made sense, especially when the use of the Imperius is considered.

Also, can understand your gripes about ignorant people in reviews - I had someone tell me that Nearly-Headless Nick wasn't petrified in the second book... And anyway, even if something isn't accurate, what does it really matter? It's fanfiction - changing canon is precisely the point.

Thank you for writing and I look forward to reading the final chapters when they come out :D
4/27 c42 CarolsSister
You might scout a location, but scouting House Elves who do want to be seen? Not bloody likely.

I have very paying particular note of your comments prior to starting the chapters, and as a professional cynic you are giving to many people credit for being able to look beyond their own little belief system. I have read some truly heartbreaking comments from a writer on AO3 who is a nurse in real life. She is based in the high risk wards, so has gotten to see way to much of this virus up close and personal. She has also had to deal with family members of those patients who insist that this is just something cooked up by "Big Medicine" to enrich themselves. It would stagger me except I saw first hand during my time as an x-ray tech that denial is one of the strongest motivators of the human race. (Walked by far to many patients who were having one last cigarette prior to coming in for their chemotherapy appointment.). Politics? A plague on all their houses.
4/27 c39 CarolsSister
I think you have made Dumbles as contrite as is possible for the old manipulator. I just have concerns regarding his request for aid in recruiting a new professor to teach potions. Hard to teach a very old dog new tricks...
4/26 c36 CarolsSister
You dealt with Ginny as best as a totally unhinged fan girl could be. I can only hope that Dumbles will be told to keep his big nose out of the decision to hospitalize her. To bad Molly couldn't be forced into a little vacation on an outpatient basis to face some of her less than appropriate behaviors.
4/26 c5 CarolsSister
While it is nice that both Hermione and Harry are conflicted over taking out people who have not yet committed the crimes they will in the future, they are over thinking it. As Neville asked, how would they feel if their inaction caused a death which could have been prevented? It's a common problem in science fiction novels - would you kill Hitler if you could go back in time? I wouldn't have a moments worth of hesitation, and would sleep like a baby afterwards.
4/26 c4 CarolsSister
So you don't need their help eh? Keep on telling yourself that the next time a paper is due or a test is given.

Wonder if Madam Pomfrey will tell Ginny the rash is due to cheap ingredients commonly used in fake potions?

Also wondering how Harry and Hermione will deal with Umbitch that doesn't result in them getting injured.
4/23 c42 anf600
Thanks for updating. Really enjoying your plot. Stay healthy!
4/19 c42 Verina Du'Arden
Hope things start going well for you... partly... well, mainly so you can post more chapters of this very good story.
4/17 c42 aamlkb
Wait? It’s not done?
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