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for The Thing About Fire

4/17/2010 c1 8ResplendentQuetzal
My fave Aace story so far, so dark and beautiful. And really like the ending bit :)
1/19/2010 c1 1Annella
Fantabulous!~ Makes me want to go and read all your other stories. The thing about fire-the title really got me.
1/17/2010 c1 143roo17
How sad...but it was wonderfuly written i'd have to rate this as the best written Ace story I've read thus far. It's beautiful yet dark at the same time. I loved it :)
1/15/2010 c1 ShuraShura
IF luffy and all the other dies in some AU thing, this would be ass pimp :B
1/15/2010 c1 16penniless1
The entire piece is poignant. Truly reaffirmed why I am leery around open flames in general.
1/14/2010 c1 34Lady Emzebel
This almost reminded me of FMA and Roy's ability. What with the burning bodies and all.

I shivered at the "fire feels nothing" and the "I think they were allies, but it's too late..." Very chilling.

It's true, man does see fire as a friend when it's tame. I liked that line too; just cuz I'm sick and morbid that way.





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