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9/27/2011 c2 3vamp.ladybug
I can't wait to read more!

8/1/2011 c2 mcanary
Very sweet story. I really liked reading both points of views. Great job
3/24/2011 c1 13Lovelybrutal
Wow, this has got to be one of the sweetest, slow-build love stories i've ever read. The electricity between them was just delicious. The texting was just adorable, and all those letters he dropped off ... man, i would just *love* to know what was in those! The whole story was so, so sweet, it was great. Thanks for writing it!
10/17/2010 c1 belanded
You really need to work on your prose and characterization. The prose is very clunky. There is no style (there is no variation), just simple sentences and quite frankly was too boring for me to finish. It reads like a diary. Also, I really hate the use of the word "literally" when to emphasize a hyperbole. A hyperbole "literally" doesn't need emphasis.

Sorry, but it wasn't a strong one-shot.
9/13/2010 c2 21EternallyCullen
*giggles* Jungle! I didn't notice that in the first chapter. I can just see Edwards expression that her lady garden wasn't as Jungley as he expected.

If I am totally honest, I don't usually read stories which are the same chapters only from a different perspective. But I really enjoyed listening to Edwards thoughts in this one, so good going. I didn't get bored!

Write more, I really enjoyed this xxx
9/13/2010 c1 EternallyCullen
*sigh* That was so pretty... romantic and Flipping well HOT! I hope you didn't get flames for this as some of us are lucky enough to have a good first time with a guy who knows what they are doing... then we dump them and date virgins. (but saying that, said virgin and myself have been together for ten years today and married for almost four) so it works out.

Really lovely story from BPOV. I really liked the fact that she came across with a little more strength than other fanfics portray Bella. I love the ones where her parents are together as well.

Off to read EPOV now, but I would love to see further chapters of this. Perhaps skip forward a couple of months or even years so we can see them together at UCLA?

6/4/2010 c1 sweetmama77
Sweet story! They are both so wholesome and innocent. The slow build-up from mutual attraction to love was very nicely done. When they made love, it was beautiful how tender Edward was with Bella, and how loving she was towards him.

Lovely job! Thank you for writing. :)
5/20/2010 c1 ES3
Lovely job with this! I loved watching the slow development of Edward and Bella's relationship throughout the summer, particularly the cute exchange of text messages and innocent little questions about pie and favorite poets :-).

In particular, I appreciated that you worked to make their first time much more realistic than what we usually find in fic. I liked that Edward was successful bringing her to orgasm orally but that it didn't happen so easily when they had intercourse and I especially appreciated that you weren't afraid to point out that it often DOES hurt that first time, even when you go slowly. I think that aspect of lovable realism is missing from many fics and I appreciated you showing that sex can be special and intimate and lovely even when imperfect. Thank you for writing this!
4/15/2010 c2 5Wanderlust-Within
Jungle? thats different and a first and pretty funny. Good job
4/15/2010 c1 Wanderlust-Within
Aw, that was so sweet. pshh.. I lost mine at 15 and well I am now 26 married to 'him' and we have 2 kids. If its right it's generally right. good job.
3/12/2010 c2 Kalophonia

I'm absolutely shocked this story hasn't got more reviews yet.

I love that Rosalie is Edwards sister & Alice (for once) isn't Bellas best friend (unlike many other stories I've read) & that Edward is such a huge lover of books.

Of course the (building) love between E & B is a huge bonus. ;D

I'm excited to read more of your work! :))
3/2/2010 c2 kmfroggi
loved epov, thank you for that!
3/2/2010 c1 kmfroggi
beautiful! i loved their 1st encounter in the library, them both staring at each other still holding their shaken hands. so sweet!
2/21/2010 c1 9AndYouLoveHer
all done bb! lol. not bad for a first time writer. keep your head up and if you get another plot bunny, dont hesitate to write it down. =)
2/2/2010 c1 2loveybunnies
Great first effort! Keep at it, it will get better and better the more you do it... kind of like sex! Edward is very sweet in this story. Very curious if Bella ever read his letters or not? Would be interesting to know what he wrote to her. Might suggest for a one-shot to narrow down the plot points and details so that you don't have too many questions to answer in the end. Hope to read more from you in the future!
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