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7/15 c15 bill4994
Excellent chapter ! Good to see some A-holes getting their just desserts at last.
7/15 c14 bill4994
Good chapter. Lots pf humor and some good character interaction. Keep up the good work.
7/15 c13 bill4994
Gooe chapter but 1 mistake in the first sentense you said teams 8 & 10 not 8 & 11 . Still a good read. Major bummer with team 7 making the pass.
7/15 c12 bill4994
Good chapter. nice work on the prep to the exams through the first,and into the fight with the Kumo teams and execution and the mental stress suffered by the trauma of first kill at face to face and looking as their life fades away.
7/15 c11 bill4994
Exceptionally well written chapter ! Well thought out plan and wise advice to be wary of possible threats,how to respond,and to be aware of spies. Keep up the great work !
7/13 c9 bill4994
Good chapter but as a former veteran I find such actions deserve immediate and severe
7/13 c7 bill4994
Wonderful end to the mission. Looking to see Haku and Hinata react to each other. Keep up the good work !
7/13 c6 bill4994
Wonderful chapter . Plenty of action and growth for the 3 main characters and their bonds
as they begin to trust each other . Great job !
7/12 c5 bill4994
Good work . Some excitement .
7/12 c4 bill4994
I enjoyed the chapter . Good character growth and action with Kofu and Zabuza .
7/12 c27 6The Fox Sage
didn't you have naruto snap sense into neji why is he still a dick
7/12 c2 bill4994
Great chapter . I really enjoyed the Kiba incident . Keep up the good work .
7/9 c17 The Fox Sage
thats a really funny way of in au explaining why theyre late and training at all with regards to kakashi and sasuke
7/3 c1 danweber1317
I love the bashing tbh. As unlikely as it seems, id love an update.
6/26 c10 The Fox Sage
this level of bashing is sorta ridiculous and not really justifiable with any measure of suspension of disbelief
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