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7/9 c17 6The Fox Sage
thats a really funny way of in au explaining why theyre late and training at all with regards to kakashi and sasuke
7/3 c1 danweber1317
I love the bashing tbh. As unlikely as it seems, id love an update.
6/26 c10 The Fox Sage
this level of bashing is sorta ridiculous and not really justifiable with any measure of suspension of disbelief
6/25 c7 The Fox Sage
aight quit it with the no one had ever thought of it that way dumb shit kakashi has 100s of times the experience naruto does so stop trying to make it seem like naruto has any knowledge or viewpoint on shinobi tactics that kakashi doesn't know
6/25 c7 The Fox Sage
whats with the hard on for making sasuke and sakura caricature versions of themselves, bashing is one thing but this extreme is kinda ridiculous
6/25 c6 The Fox Sage
whyd ya have to ruin the sanctity of zabuza and hakus connection man
6/23 c10 Yub
This shit is so overdramatic and edgy all the time.
5/8 c33 anonymouse47
End... the story ended?
5/5 c1 da salt is here
lolz I can't believe that this piece of shit has 10K faves. I didn't know that 10K people were illiterate. Especially chapter 13. The whole story is full of fanon tropes and stereotyping. You've made mincemeat out of the canon events. No one really calls Naruto a demon brat, Sasuke isn't a fucking rapist, whether you like it or not, and Naruto is supposed to be fucking weak at this stage. Kiba wouldn't force himself on anyone, and Sakura is from a generic civilian family. I'm tired of you making these moronic plays and moves for cheap drama. I'm dropping this.
5/2 c12 4Write Your Wrongs
Ideally, Naruto would have killed Sasuke during the exams. He wouldn’t have been subject to legal repercussions due to it being a part of the Chuunin exams, thus being a liability. Why do authors not write that as part of the main plot instead of making him a main plot trope?
4/25 c1 Guest
Please update the story as soon as possible
4/11 c13 Guest
Chapter Thirteen

In the Forest

Disclaimer: Maybe someday I'll own rights to my own manga/anime series.

A/N: Some of the interactions in this chapter may seem slightly disturbing, but again we are not up to the worst so don't think I'm going to suddenly toss anything in without warning. Due to many people's suggestion I will be putting in a warning at the rape scene so that those that do not want to read it will know where to skip. That won't be coming up until, at earliest, chapter sixteen so we have some time yet. Also, I'm not saying who is in the harem nor am I budging on who I put in the harem, so if you don't like it tough. There are other stories out there, this is mine.

* * * * * *

Three days later found teams eight and ten bounding through the forest, keeping a solemn watch for anything out of the ordinary. Hinata had recovered from her shock enough to function but they could all tell she was still distraught over what happened. Naruto explained to her everything that went on while she was so blissfully unaware and she was thankful that she didn't have to see her love torture someone. That thought was only solidified when she saw the blanching faces of her teammates as they recalled the events. She was also grateful that she wasn't the only one who had killed and felt like she and her teammates bonded a little more, though in a grim way, from all having their first kills that same day. The only kill that wasn't a first was from Naruto whose kill had died when he hit a tree after the clone exploded, breaking his neck.

In their brief travel they managed to take out two more teams and dissuade another from engaging with such a large group, and as such they now had a full extra set of scrolls with an earth scroll on the side. They had all felt a large chakra presence the day before, but shrugged it off so long as it stayed away from them. Now, traveling through the treetops, they saw what looked like a small clearing ahead with a few people in it. Naruto turned to the others and whispered out to them. "We'll take a closer look, but keep yourselves hidden and don't engage unless I say." They nodded to him and jumped as close as they dared, taking up positions on one side of the clearing, far above the gathering.

Down below they saw the three sound genin facing off against Ino, Shikamaru and Chōji as they stood between the sound team and Sakura, who was looking rather worn and beaten. They couldn't hear too well what the exchange was but it eventually lead to a bit of a scuffle in which it seemed the sound genin were out for blood. The fight progressed until a couple more Konoha genin showed up. One Tenten and the other Neji. Naruto could tell just from Neji's stance and attitude that he was almost as much of a prick as Sasuke, but before the two could engage Neji smirked. "Looks like we won't have to." They heard him say as a lone figure crawled out of a hollowed section of a tree.

* * *

"Sakura, who did that to you?" The Uchiha asked as he made his presence known. A dark aura of purple smoke seemed to drift off his body while odd marks shifted over his skin. Sakura was beside herself with glee that Sasuke was thinking about her. She was so caught up in the moment that she forgot to answer him, but that didn't matter.

"Hah. I did! What are you going to do about it Uchiha?" The guy that had been blowing wind out of his palms stepped forward with an evil smile.

"Zaku you idiot!" The bandaged one yelled at him, but before either of them could react Sasuke was already going through hand signs and blew out several balls of fire.

"I'll smash him to bits Dosu. Zankūha!" Zaku cried out extinguishing the flames only to reveal the shuriken hidden inside of them. He quickly threw a guard up to lessen the blow.

"Zaku! Behind you!" Again it came too late as Zaku's arms were pulled painfully behind his bad while Sasuke planted a foot on his spine.

"You seem very proud of these arms." Sasuke grinned and pulled slowly reveling in the other boys pain as he pulled the arms out of their sockets and tore the tendons. They could see Sakura practically drooling at this point as she saw the power of her Sasuke-kun.

* * *

Naruto whispered to those still hidden. "Something isn't right. There's no way he's that powerful, and those marks..." They all agreed but didn't move as Naruto hadn't given them any signal to. "Shino, Hinata, what can you tell me about him?"

"H-he seems to have a different chakra going through him. His system can't handle all of it and it's leaking out." Hinata looked astonished as she had never seen chakra pour out of someone like what was happening in front of them.

"His chakra...is tainted." Shino announced only bringing up more questions in Naruto's mind.

* * *

Back down in the clearing, the bandaged genin was frantically trying to reason with the Uchiha. His two teammates were down and he had little hope of winning with this new development. "Here, take our scroll and we will leave you be. I promise the next time we meet we will not run." Sasuke didn't seem to hear him as he was busy looking at his own hands and feeling the power rushing through them. Dosu took this as a good sign and gathered his team before making a hasty retreat, which Tenten and Neji took as their queue to grab their teammate and retreat as well.

Sasuke looked up and was about to follow but found that two arms were wrapped around him. Sakura was hugging him from behind and pleading for him not to go. "Sakura let go of me. I need to test my power!"

"No you're not leaving me here. I want you to stay here with me please." She begged him and he looked into her eyes. She wasn't looking at him with fear or sadness. No it was something much more primal, she was looking at him with lust.

'There are other ways to test this strength. If I breed one of these sluts with this power active I'll have even stronger Uchiha under my command in the future!' he spun on his heal and quicker than they could step away he had both Sakura and Ino under his arms and carried them to the hollow in the tree making those gathered wonder what he was doing. They didn't have to wait long those as they heard tearing cloth follow by shrieking and giggling that could only be Sakura.

Inside the hollow Ino could only watch as her former best friend was mauled savagely by their crush. She was no idiot, she knew that he planned on her being next. 'This is what I wanted right? For Sasuke-kun to love me and to have his children? But what about dating? What about kissing and walking hand-in-hand down the street? This isn't romantic this is...this is...disgusting. I don't want this. I don't want it! No!' As she finished she tried to leave the hollow, but the only thing those outside saw was a streak of platinum blond and a shriek as she was pulled forcefully back inside before she screamed. It stopped suddenly with the sound of flesh meeting flesh.

Sasuke looked at her with what she could only describe as loathing. "You will help me revive my clan! I, as the last Uchiha, demand it. Now take off your clothes or I will do it for you, just like I did with this other slut!"

Rubbing her cheek where Sasuke smacked her, Ino looked past him to Sakura who was moaning but from pleasure or pain she couldn't tell, either way the girl was smiling. The only thing she could tell was that he hadn't used her yet since she still had her panties on. He had stopped himself long enough to grab her and force her back inside. She began to sob. 'This isn't how it's supposed to happen. He was supposed to love me, not...not this.' She looked at him and saw a promise of pain in his eyes as he took a kunai from his pouch and stabbed it into the wood by her head. Tears fell as she slowly began to remove articles of clothing, starting with her top and skirt.

* * *

Up in the trees Naruto had a clear view of what had transpired and he was furious. He warned Kiba about taking such actions, but it seemed he should have warned the Uchiha as well. He saw Sakura was practically in heat, but Ino didn't look the part. That suspicion was confirmed when he saw her trying to escape only to be drawn back inside the hollow while everyone else stared at it in shocked silence. "Dammit!" Naruto shot out of the tree breaking everyone's daze as his friends soon followed. Once they landed Naruto wasted no time as he took off towards the hollow.

* * *

Ino was now down to her panties just like Sakura and had full blown streams running down her face as Sasuke reached out and roughly grabbed her exposed breasts. He handled them with no sigh of gentleness bringing more tears from her as well as yelps of pain, but he didn't care. He only had one thing on his mind and that was to breed and gain more power. Retrieving his kunai from the tree he moved to slice open the girl's last piece of clothing. The sound of rushing feet stopped him as he looked out towards the clearing and snarled, scaring Ino and making Sakura's panties darken from the dampness that now permeated them. "Na-ru-to!" Sasuke snarled as both girls were forgotten and he rushed out from the tree towards the object that his hatred for was only overshadowed by his hatred for his brother.

Naruto saw the boy coming at him with his sharingan blazing and the strange black marks still covering half his body. "Teme!" They met halfway across the clearing in a clash of fists faster than their onlookers could follow. When they separated the small crowd could see that neither had landed a hit.

Sasuke smirked as he looked around the clearing at the new arrivals. "Oh how thoughtful of you dobe. You brought more breeding stock for me. I'll make sure to thank you properly after they've all been bedded. That is, if you survive."

"Teme if you lay one hand on any of them I will knock your ass back to the council chamber and let them hear that you tried to rape your fellow Konoha ninja during the exam. I'm sure the Hokage would love that."

"Hah. The council would pat me on the back for starting my clan's revival so soon, and then there would be nothing your precious old man could do about it. In fact maybe after I'm done here I'll go and kick him off his throne and take his title for myself!" Sasuke grinned at the thought of taking the dobe's dream away from him, but couldn't resist pouring a little salt in the wounds so he pointed directly at Hinata. "And I'll make sure she is first to sit on my lap."


Everyone was astonished that Sasuke just admitted to not only wanting to overthrow the Hokage, but also wanting to rape all the girls present. Well, all but Sakura, whose moans could still be heard every once in awhile. "What's the matter dobe? Afraid that I might be a better man for your little girlfriend?"

Kiba had just returned to the clearing in time to hear Sasuke's threats against Hinata's innocence. "You bastard! You said were were going to take him out together and that I would get Hinata!" He ran at Sasuke but was batted away like a fly.

"Shut up mutt. Know you're place."

Everyone was backing up to the edges of the clearing now. They could feel the dangerous aura welling up, but it wasn't coming from Sasuke. "You couldn't leave well enough along could you Uchiha?" Sasuke turned back towards Naruto to see that his face was hidden by his hair and he was standing stock still with an oppressive chakra leaking from him.

"Oh so you grew some balls since I last saw you huh? Too bad they still won't be enough to satisfy your little Hyūga or the ice bitch, but don't worry, I'll take good care of them for you." Sasuke entered his fighting stance and got ready for the inevitable clash as Naruto just stood there. "Come on dobe, don't chicken out now! You see you whores? He doesn't even have the nerve to come at an Uchiha. I'll just have to go to him." Sasuke ran full speed at the blond and executed a perfect flying roundhouse to his head only to hit nothing but air. As he came down he saw Naruto appear beside him but before he could react the boy batted him to the side just like he had done to Kiba moments before.

"Don't question what you know nothing about, teme." Again Naruto disappeared only to show up once again above Sasuke's head. The Uchiha dodged the ax kick in time, thanks to his eyes, but missed the followup double-fisted hammer that pounded him into the dirt as Naruto completed his flip. He wasn't given a second to collect his thoughts though as he was roughly picked up by the back of his clothes and thrown sideways into a tree causing it to dent and crack. Those still watching the fight stood rooted as they watched the show of raw power. None of them realized though that Naruto hadn't even begun to show his real strength. For one, he still had his weight seals on. Neither had he unsheathed a blade or use any jutsu. It was raw power and the only ones who could have really appreciated it were the teammates of the spandex-wearing wonder, all three of which were no longer there.

Naruto walked over to the tree that Sasuke was now climbing out of and brought some pieces of paper out of his pouch. He quickly slapped them on the Uchiha and watched as the black marks started to recede. 'So it's chakra based and seems to be originating at his neck.' He waited until all the marks flowed back towards the cursed mark, then removed the seals leaving a wobbling Sasuke behind him as he walked away.

"G-get back here d-dobe! Don't r-run away from me. Give me back my...my power!" Sasuke put an arm on Naruto's shoulder to stop him and was rewarded with an unforgiving fist to the face causing him to sprawl out on the ground unconscious from the force of the blow as well as his sudden lack of chakra.

Sakura having heard her precious avenger's cry rushed out of the hollow towards him. As she saw Naruto walking away from her love it was blatantly obvious what happened. 'Naruto-baka must have used a sneak attack on him. How dare he do such an underhanded thing to Sasuke-kun!' She swung out at him as she passed, but was soon laying out next to her little boy toy even faster than she expected due to a leg swipe by her intended target.

Naruto didn't even break his stride, nor did he even seem concerned about what he had done to the almost naked girl, as he walked over to the hollow. As soon as he got inside he saw a wide-eyed and shaking Ino plastered against the back of the cave as she seemingly tried to meld with the root system.

Once she saw it was him that came in and not her prior assailant she rushed across the hollow and into his arms. He could have been an enemy ninja at this point and she wouldn't have cared, just as long as he wouldn't do what the Uchiha had. She had seen most of what Naruto had done to the brat through blurry eyes, and most of it had amazed her since she had never seen him so...strong. Even when he had acted out in the classroom right before team selection he hadn't actually done anyone real harm. She watched as much as she could though from her perch against the tree and she had to admit she would have been impressed if she wasn't so scared. Even when he tripped Sakura he did it with so little effort and even his eyes had never left their target. The whole time he walked he seemed to be staring right at her. What was this feeling that she couldn't shake? She couldn't breath right and she felt hot, but it wasn't fear. It wasn't until he had entered the small, semi-private area that she felt the full weight of what had happened wash over her and she suddenly desired to hold on to something, anything that she could to feel that she wasn't alone. That thing just happened to be Naruto.

The boy stood rather embarrassed as Ino latched onto him. He had barely moved into the area when she practically jumped on him and started crying into his shoulder, but that didn't bother him. No it was that she had done so in nothing but her panties. It wasn't difficult for him to figure out what had happened, or was about to happen, inside this area and he suddenly wondered just how often he would end up saving a girl from being nearly raped. After all, he was already at two for this exam. Turning his head towards the cave entrance he called outside and hoped those that he wanted to hear would hear him shout. "Hinata, Haku Harume! Come in here please. The rest of you stay out unless you want to be sent to dreamland!"

They soon heard rushed footsteps as the three girls came into the hollow and saw Ino hugging him tightly. At first Haku and Hinata were a bit angry, but then they recalled the tearing sounds, and the screaming, the actions of Sasuke and Sakura. They came up to the pair and slowly pealed Ino off of Naruto being careful to keep her modesty as best they could, though they hadn't needed to as Naruto had screwed his eyes shut as soon as they started separating. Once he was freed he turned his back to them before addressing them. "Get her dressed and try to calm her down a little. I need to go deal with the rest." He didn't wait for their approval as he left to see how the others were doing.

Out in the clearing Kiba was busy kicking the downed Uchiha. While the unconscious Sakura held onto him tightly, moving in time with the motions his body was involuntarily making. In a word the whole scene was rather disgusting to him. Not that Kiba was kicking his downed teammate, that part he found hilarious, but the pink-topped bitch's blind devotion to the raven haired boy was what he found sickening. 'What kind of person gets off on being nearly raped, then tries to go back for more?' He motioned Kiba over as he walked to Shino, Shikamaru and Chōji. The dog boy gave one last kick before reluctantly joining the other guys. The first questions were of course about the missing Ino, which Naruto was reluctant to answer. He left it at that she was a bit abused and that they shouldn't bring it up with her until she's had a chance to speak to a specialist. To his comfort her teammates seemed to understand and nodded that they wouldn't bring the issue up.

"What do we do with the other two then?" Kiba asked with a slight scowl. He was now the only conscious member of team seven and it didn't look like the other two would be getting up anytime soon.

"We'll have to take them to the tower with us. That or you can stay here until they wake up and try to get another scroll in order to pass." He watched as Kiba huffed and stomped off, clearly not happy with either option. He then turned to Shikamaru. "Which scroll does your team have?" A simple comment, but it immediately put both Chōji and Shikamaru on edge. They were ready to fight over their scroll no matter what even though the boy in front of them had just taken out Sasuke with hardly any effort. Recognizing their actions Naruto immediately put his hands up in a placating manner. "No, no no. I meant that we have extras. Which do you have so that we can give you to other." To prove his point he pulled out four scrolls, all different.

Shikamaru scanned over Naruto, but nothing in his actions or posture suggested that he was up to anything and it was too good of an opportunity to pass up. He cautiously reached out and grabbed one of the earth scrolls and examined it. Finding nothing obviously wrong he stuffed it into his pouch. "Why are you helping us Naruto?"

"We're Konoha ninja. We need to look out for one another."

"What about me? Why do they get free scrolls and I get nothing!" Kiba was back with a vengeance and looked the part as he came stomping back over to them. Naruto cursed the Inuzuka's enhanced hearing even if it wasn't as good as his own.

"Because Kiba, unlike your team, team ten has never tried to attack me, beat me, kill me or take anything precious to me from me. Your team on the other hand beat and insulted me numerous times, attacked me without reason and Sasuke tried to kill me, even if it was indirectly, as well as take away my possessions. Just be thankful I don't take the scroll that those
4/7 c3 Guest
Too bad anko won't be in the harem.
4/7 c2 Guest
It's very entertaining so far. It's all good except Kakashi being somewhat emotional. OVERALL 3/5
4/7 c18 Guest
Amagawa? Why not Haku's real last name Yuki?
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