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1/27/2010 c5 9Dragon Man 180
Oh man, I can so see Hinata learning about how Team 7 behaved and going into pissed off Hyuuga mode on them. righteous feminine anger is a strong and scary thing. I'm eager to see what's up with the seal on Haku... if Zabuza put it on her and made her his slave I hope Naruto rips him apart and brings Haku back to Konoha where she can live with him.
1/27/2010 c5 5Shodai-Uzukage
Dang it! Dang it! Dang it! It was awesome! I can't wait for the next chappy. Keep up the good work.
1/27/2010 c5 Malix2
Great new chapter. I'm looking forward to the next one. The memory seal on haku is a new twist I haven't seen before, and that's saying something considering the number of naruto fics I've read. :)
1/27/2010 c5 Dakars revolution
dudee, even without alot if action you turned out a terrific chapter detailing more about why team 7 hates naruto, love it! 10 outa 10 update soon
1/27/2010 c5 4Kyuubi123
Very interesting indeed. I can't wait for Naruto to awaken. I especially look forward to the day that team seven gets what is coming to them. Naruto is showing a great deal of restraint but even the mightest of trees break under enough pressure. Keep up the great work.
1/27/2010 c5 17Silver Warrior
I wonder what got unsealed in Haku? And Team 7 needs their attitudes adjusted, badly.
1/27/2010 c5 1RANMACAT
1/27/2010 c5 5Fritter
The interactions between Naruto and team 7 aren't believable. The ending where you think they would harm him while he is recovering is a little ridiculous.
1/27/2010 c5 15Leaf Ranger
Oh... excellent chapter. Very cool. Very excellent. I esepcially loved how much Naurto was helping Tazuna there.

I'm intrigued by the seal on Haku... I'm wondering if Zabuza put it there, and made Haku believe he helped ehr, when he was actually responsible for one ore more things bad in her life? Guess we'll see when the time comes.

So, since this is a harem fic,I'm guess FemHaku and hinata are two. I wonder who else?
1/27/2010 c5 Eterguy
Really Great chapter!

When Naruto started his demolishing of the forest I was thinking about Naruto with a metality of Waste not, Want not and lo and behold what happens nearly exactly the same ^^


1/27/2010 c4 5Garm88
And now my review from the first chapter is slightly irrelevant, congratulations on giving a ninja a completely unsubtle and hard to conceal weapon. I just hope you have him ditch it at the next opportunity.
1/27/2010 c5 YueLilianPotter
haku has a seal? i wonder who did it. mmh. well i hope you will tell us in the next chapter. is it possible that both zabuza and haku survive?
1/27/2010 c5 landoffire
really good chapter. i really liked it. i like how naruto used his shadow clones to help tazuna build the bridge faster. it is sad how team 7 is acting. i wonder if the elders have something to do with it? i'm looking forward to when the hokage hears of this. i'm looking forward to the upcoming fights. wonder what the seal is hiding from haku? looking forward to see naruto wake up. wonder if he will find out what team 7 was planning until kakashi put a stop to it. i'm actually looking forward to how you will do the chunnin exams. especially when nartuo doesn't have a team? will he be allowed to do them as he is? looking forward to the next chapter. keep writing. update soon please.
1/27/2010 c5 10nobother
damn this was a good chapter but damn is team 7 full of assholes
1/27/2010 c5 Knyght
Great fic, the darker undertones makes for a very good story without going emo. Btw naruto furthering his skills as a mednin and sealmaster would be good and help make him low profile while keeping him deadly.
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