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heh wow you have a way with words...kudos this fic is very well done so far, btw im curious who is in harem?

10/10 so far man
1/20/2010 c3 10nobother
good chapter
1/20/2010 c3 12OverzealousDeku
Hey the dark humor is kinda cool!

Keep it up!

Make it happen so every once in a while Naruto keeps finding something he shouldn't!
1/20/2010 c3 17Silver Warrior
disturbing imagery on the lab, and Naruto's attitude towards it.
1/20/2010 c3 Challenger
I guessing if Kiba is as stupid as he is. Well go after Sakura thinking that if she gets the girl Naruto couldn't get that it well hurt his pride.
1/20/2010 c3 15Leaf Ranger
Oh wow... tough chapter... real tough chapter. I really feel bad for naruto... can I castrate Kiba? PLEASE?

Very nice chapter.
1/20/2010 c3 1Leaprechaun1
Please let me know who gets raped, and if possible by who.
1/20/2010 c3 Stormraven
A much anticipated chapter, and it was a fantastic read. Love how Naruto handled Orochimaru's hide-out. Will Ibiki get more curious about Naruto since he's now encountered him and seen how he handled a situation that would have most jounin puking their guts? Naruto had some great insights on how he could endure the preliminary inspection of the hiden base. Can hardly wait for the next chapter!
1/20/2010 c3 19dracohalo117
please do not let Hinata-chan be violated by that accursed mongrl shit stain. DO NOT LET ANY OF NARUTO'S GIRLS BE VIOLATED!
1/20/2010 c3 6Kojiro Kiseragi
Good story.

I like it.
1/20/2010 c3 2Koizumi Romi
Ooh, nice chappie! Very dark, but it really makes you think. I'm really looking forward to the next chapter! :)
1/20/2010 c3 aishiteru naru
I simply love your story you said it would upgrade

one or two times a week has specific days?
1/20/2010 c1 math123
I just Like this story how you are bring Naruto to much older than he should be all thanks to the village, I also liked the fact of how you bought the lab he found at the farm, oh I just can with until the other teams find out about naurto S-Rank Mission, Hope you can update soon
1/20/2010 c3 Gravity The Wizard
Cool Update! Athough your notes at the start of the chapter have me cringing. I feel bad for one Hinata Hyuuga considering she has to be teamed with that beast/bastard.
1/20/2010 c3 1foxgodess07
wow. that was pretty dark. . . i like it upadte soon.
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