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for Naruto One Man Team

1/20/2010 c3 1hhrforeverhhr
very nice, keep up the good work. i can't wait for the new update!
1/20/2010 c3 6Third Fang
nice chapter. good job on brining up orochimaru's secret konoha labs and describing them like that. they really should be brought up in fics more often
1/19/2010 c2 fightingstoryaddiction
please update soon!
1/18/2010 c2 KCWolfman
A good story, I like the Naruto/Hinata pairing a lot and the potential friendship that could develop between Naruto and Shino for looking after Hinata. Naruto won't always be around to stop the dogboy and you know he won't quit going after Hinata. I hope we don't see a lot of angst with Hinata's father about Naruto. It's been done way too many times in stories. I also hope we don't get the same cliche Kakashi ignoring Naruto. It would actually be cool to see that Kakashi knows Naruto is his sensei's son and secretly trains him in private. I look forward to the next chapter.
1/18/2010 c2 2Koizumi Romi
Very nice! I really like this story, so keep up the good work. Thing is, I keep wondering who will be on the team with Sasuke and Sakura, and how the Kakashi in this story would feel about his new team. Think you can give some info on the other genin teams as well as Naruto's advancements?
1/18/2010 c2 1Shadow65
this is great keep it up
1/18/2010 c2 9Dark Hearted Dragon's Master
DUDE I love this story! Its sounding really freaking promising please update again soon.
1/18/2010 c2 1foxgodess07
this is pretty good. update soon
1/17/2010 c2 7Reaper7

Awesome! Hope you update soon dude.

(I hate waiting)

And I like the style you gave naruto. Real cool.

Keep up the good work!
1/17/2010 c2 brighteyes343
update soon
1/17/2010 c2 15Leaf Ranger
Oh wow... excellent sotry. very nice. Still, I wonder how hiahsi will be in this fanfic. will he be the cold bastard who refuses to allow her to be with naruto, or will he care for the boy, in his own way, and let hinata be with him? Personally, hoping for the latter.

excellent story. Very nice.
1/17/2010 c2 9Dragon Man 180
Very nice start, I can't wait to see more humiliation for Sasuke and Kiba. I love how Naruto is setting records in catching Tora and getting missions done quickly thanks to his use of Kage Bunshin.
1/17/2010 c2 4the DragonBard
I'm going to reserve judgment on the Sakura and Sasuke bashing for the moment. However, if you want to bash Sasuke, I just ask you do it well.
1/17/2010 c2 2AnimeFanReader01
Great story so far, as long as noone is forcefully violated then I see myself reading it through to it's conclusion. That is just the main thing that immediately turns me off a story. Please don't make Naruto too powerful, about as strong as a good chunnin would be nice, but Kakashi was a prodigy that I don't see going down to Naruto anytime soon let alone any other decent Jonnin. Will Anko be in the Harem? I always thought the 'outcasts' would make a good pairing and you can't deny her sex appeal. I look forward to the next chapter, later.
1/17/2010 c2 Gravity The Wizard
Nice Story!
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