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4/7 c17 Guest
"As if some Oto-nin reject could beat a Haruno"

Does Sakura not realise that she is from a generic civilian family?
4/7 c8 Guest
Kiba doesn't even need to try to force himself on Hinata, with how stupid she is he could just tell her that Naruto told them to have sex with each other. She wouldn't even hesitate or question it at all.
4/7 c5 Guest
I don't understand why literally everyone aside from Naruto is mentally disabled in these types of fanfics
4/2 c33 Guest
Konoha is stupid for letting uchiha live. It’s always a stupid decision to let people like that live. Arguing against killing monsters will just convince me you are too stupid to live as well.
4/2 c31 Guest
These fights are boring and are taking way to long. Reading fights is not entertaining.
4/2 c29 Guest
Shizune is an idiot.
The old cunt is still a traitor and should be beheaded at the earliest opportunity.
4/1 c22 Guest
Fucking cunt. Naruto is a fucking idiot too. It’s stupid to have loyalty to traitors. And that is all this bitch is a traitor. She should have her status revoked and declared a missing non and traitor to konoha. If she is made hokage, I’ll drop this like the shit it would be. I’m tired of this writer forcing stupid decisions and moronic plot moves for drama. It’s infuriating to see such fucking idiocy and it’s completely the writers fault.
3/30 c33 Dracoessa Draga
I agree with Darkmaster10000000, I hope that this story gets updated.
3/25 c33 Darkmaster10000000
Shame this story hasn't updated in almost 9 years, it's very good.
3/21 c20 Kuro.435
Tenten I felt it was forced specially after their scenes together till now
3/21 c19 Kuro.435
I initially thought that at least Sakura had some limit on what she would do but when she watched Sasuke stab Naruto then she kicked himstole from thinking he was dead; that’s where I ranked her as not crazy but simply evil whore bitch
3/21 c18 Kuro.435
The old man is probably still gonna die huh? I don’t think I have only read 1 Naruto fic where Sarutobi survived, I have have read tens of them...
3/21 c17 Kuro.435
Naruto was Op? Naruto wasn’t still had the chance to show his real prowess which was his stamina where he keeps getting upthrowing Jutsu like candy, that is when he is OP
3/20 c16 Kuro.435
Didn’t expect who was the rape victim, I actually expected it to be Temari since it had been insinuated that Baki had more than once tried...
3/20 c15 Kuro.435
Will those 3 stay in prison, I am getting tired of such charades.., it was fun in the beginning but after 15 chapters, it’s getting repetitive
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