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3/20 c14 Kuro.435
As always it’s funny how 2 old people are trying to bully a kid who face-slapped them every time
3/19 c13 Kuro.435
Well you managed to make me hate Sakura in this fic... I have read many fanficsnone made me hate Sakura, sure she was annoying at first but nothing bad since she was a kid and after growing up even with her bad moments, she was still understood but NOW, in your fic, it’s just downright repulsive
3/19 c12 Kuro.435
Ohoho torture expert well I gotta say I didn’t expect it but it is well thought out if you ponder how...
3/19 c11 Kuro.435
A filler but it was good with Naruto teaching a lesson to Kurenai; Meanwhile team 7’s tantrums are getting boring
3/19 c11 Kuro.435
Never liked Kurenai in canon part 1
3/18 c9 Kuro.435
Another awesome chapter with face-slapping... this fanfic is getting more and more like a Chinese novel/fanfic because of the times of face-slapping scenes XD
3/18 c8 Kuro.435
Awesome, Naruto is on a roll ehehehe
3/18 c7 Kuro.435
Ah I should have known that Kiba’s good attitude would fade and the old would be back... loved the last scene, it was truly beautiful, congrats
3/18 c6 Kuro.435
Finally Kiba has some sense
3/17 c5 Kuro.435
Awesome chapter and what the 3 kids did, made me just wish them dead, if Naruto killed them for what they did or didn’t do, it would be righteous Meanwhile Kakashi is cornered since he can only protect Naruto since there is nothing harmful he could do to them before they arrive in Konoha
3/17 c4 Kuro.435
Loved the 1st part of the chapter since it wasn’t canonwas new. The 2nd part which portrays to the wave mission while nothing new, the interaction between them was good, specially the scene where Naruto tells Kakashi what would have happened if they fought, it was hilarious
3/17 c3 Kuro.435
Naruto couldn’t have explained better, great chapter, absolutely loved it
3/17 c2 Kuro.435
While Kiba could definitely do what he did if he had any interest in Hinata, Sasuke’s annoyance at Naruto getting more attention is uncharacteristic since he never cared about such things and he only hated Naruto when the latter who was the dead-last was making achievements and gaining more strength than him... anyway don’t know if you hate Sasuke or if it’s just or uptake on the uchiha’s inner thoughts
3/17 c1 Kuro.435
A nice 1st chapter, not exactly original but was is this days... the premise is good and has great potential, good work
3/8 c11 Guest
This story seems sexist. No offense. It's just that all the women seem insanely weak most of the time. Kurenai had enough chakra for three genjutsu and had to stop there? She wouldn't have made jonin if she was that pathetic.
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