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12/25/2010 c2 megumisakura
please update!
12/25/2010 c1 megumisakura
update soon,please!
9/16/2010 c2 3synjax
Right. So. Update with the schmut AND I SHALL BE HAPPEEEEEHHHH! :D
2/9/2010 c2 1percent
More please!
2/6/2010 c2 13Woodrow Graham Kenobi-Rimmer
OH BABY. lol. I like it, keep writing. I like your matter-of-factness.
2/6/2010 c2 Iziie Lestrange
WOW! Hot hot Sylar, huh?

You wouldn't believe how clean is to read without all those confusing points of view, much much better this way.

I'm anxious to know what Sylar's gonna do now, but I must say, Sylar being Claire roommate is so much fun. I'll definitly enjoy it. Update soon, please.

xoxo, Lestrange.
2/6/2010 c2 4RoseRedMisery
lol short chapter
2/6/2010 c2 Chibiboku
that was good so far, but keep them coming.
2/4/2010 c1 Iziie Lestrange
I liked the plot very much, though I honestly think you should avoid these short POVs, for the benefit o the writing quality. Either you could make the POV's longer or write the whole chapter in only one point of view. But, ya know, this is just my opinion. But all in all, I'm realy looking forward to know what happens next, so I'm putting the story in my Alert list. I expect you to update soon.
1/24/2010 c1 1Nimeway
more please. I love Sylar/Claire pairings.
1/24/2010 c1 Atticus Turner
I love it already! Please continue!
1/20/2010 c1 anon
Please continue, this is good and FF needs more Sylaires!

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