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3/20/2016 c16 1thefirehearts
please complete it...
it's quite interesting.. as well as well written ...
please just complete this story...
4/8/2014 c16 charles123
An interesting FF. Please continue.
7/15/2012 c16 Artemis2123
when are you finishing?
3/29/2010 c14 2ShipperCrazed - FanFicCrazy
really enjoying your story. what did you mean by Cuddy departure in season 6? Cameron left but not Cuddy. I wish.
3/20/2010 c16 119Jazmingirl
go House figth for Allie amazing story
3/20/2010 c16 51Woody2792
Loved the update, as always.

Argument was extremely well written, persuasive, and the comments interjected throughout it were great.

keep it up =)
3/20/2010 c16 AllyCameron
Hehe, House 10 Cuddy 0, awesome!
3/20/2010 c16 ClaireBear4Ever
houses power play was amazing and sounded truly like him. i hpe we get to see some more of this story then just 2 chapters. 8i have been faithful to it since day one! Would you consider doing a sequel, i would be willing to supply some ideas if i got part credit (like a co- writer). Just email me the reply. I love the story and im willing to be your assistant (Co-head like Cameron hopeful will be)if you would like. thanks- claire
3/20/2010 c16 BunchofGrapes
I don't know if any doctor would actually attempt that sort of power play in a hospital, but it was a tremendous read! All your arguments seemed entirely plausible to me as House is quite special, if extremely annoying at times. The whole scene was riveting - I was completely caught up in the drama. Let's hope House keeps his side of the bargain he has put to the Board.

P.S Poor Cuddy!
3/20/2010 c16 KittyX1981
the master:-)

great chapter
3/19/2010 c16 lovefanfic55
You did a fantastic job with House and the show down with the Board...loved the way you had him commanding the room and making concessions to stack the deck in his favor...great chapter...hate to see it end...sal
3/19/2010 c16 DayDreamer077
hehe. He won! haha. Even Wilson knew it. I mean I don't know why she even puts up a fight. House is smarter and much more brilliant than she is hence why he is world-renowned and she isn't. I'm mean I know. lol.
3/14/2010 c15 Woody2792
Loved it!

Hiatus? No!

Ah wel, as long as you keep writing =D

Loved it
3/13/2010 c15 DayDreamer077
that was pretty good. hehe. I can't wait for his game plan. hehe. he at least has Wilson on his back. hmm! cuddy's kinda backstabbing him ehh? hmm!

By the way, watch out for your typos. You have plenty in this chapter.
3/13/2010 c14 DayDreamer077
I think I agree with House and Wilson. Cuddy loves the attention and she's jealous and to mention annoyed that House is not paying her any attention. lol.

I love the dynamics between House and Cammie. aww!
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