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for A new vampire in town

1/23/2010 c3 14Mrs. Alexander Sterling
(On my log-in, I just entered the craziest captcha: conducted teething. O_O)

Man, you are creeping me out big time! I have a dog named Shadow, no joke, but she's a Yorkie. But it's not the psychotic deja-vu that keeps me coming back for more. ;)Great story, hope you update soon!
1/22/2010 c2 4xxxbaby-lozzyxxx
yh so hope for next chapter going to be like so soon know what been going on. So anyway i like the chapters!. Am going to guest yah vampires do feel weird going to town and school but guest what they don't like smell humans that why they don't usually go to school!". etc
1/20/2010 c2 14Mrs. Alexander Sterling
Wanna know something funny? I imagined before a new vampire, or person, coming to town and aquainting Raven...I gave her the name of Alex! ;) You made my little daydream come to life, so yay! Hope you update soon, I can't wait until she meets Alexander.

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