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7/21/2019 c3 fangirl
hey; been reading your stuff for a while, and I love it! if you dont have the books, just get C P' s guide it'll really help with locations. you can probably find it on Amazon :) I own a copy and it really helps w/ coheisveness just a suggestion !
9/16/2018 c5 2Shadowstouch
I really loved this date of theirs! Their dynamics are really interesting and makes the interactions fun to read! Thanks for a lovely continuation and sorry for the shortness of the comment, I don’t have a lot of English in me today, unfortunately :/
1/11/2018 c4 Jack
Wow this is great hopefully you'll see this and update soon! I get that's it's been a while so I won't get my hopes up (sucks) but who knows maybe I'll look back and find that you've updated :)
7/8/2017 c1 YourMomma
What is with you and gay guys? I mean what the fuck was that? It was horrible! Why couldn't you have described in the slightest what Arya and Nasuada were doing exactly? It was horrible. Next time you make a fanfic do me a favor and don't even mention the word gay.
1/21/2017 c1 Guest
Hi. I know you must be busy but I just wanted to let you know that all your stories are amazing and well put together. I know you have not abandoned this yet but would you please complete it... I really want to see how this ends , along with your other story Just another ordinary day..please I really love both these stories. They are equally funny and amaaazing...
8/25/2015 c4 Jaspian
I LOVE your story(/ies)! *_*
Damit, good writers are rare these days...
But another question: I found the same story with the same name on archiveofourown:
Also written by sussiekitten, just, it's updated only the second chapter and the first chapter is longer and has a longer lemon part (*\\\*)... is that your story or did someone steal it?
4/9/2015 c4 3NERD 2.0
I love this!
I don't know what to say,other than PLEASE UPDATE!
I love this!
11/19/2014 c1 Love
Could you please end it - i looovvvee it
10/11/2013 c4 RytersBane
I've been waiting with baited breath for two years (I just finished rereading this fic for a fifth or sixth time now), for this to update. Even when it hasnt updated I still go back to reread it, it's just so... GAH. It makes me smile, it makes me flustered, I love it to death, and... I really cant wait to see what happened next. This is the only great fic I could find with Tornac, Murtagh and Eragon as a threesome, so call this fic my guilty pleasure, if you will. I am seriously wiggling in excitement for this thing to get updated, so bad 3
9/6/2013 c4 Dragonfir3
Just finished reading this. Really liked the story!
Hope you decide to update this again! Would love to see what happens :)

1/14/2013 c1 Guest
So everyones gay or lesbian? what about STRAIGHT people
10/27/2012 c4 LalalaSpacingInPandaLand
More please more!
10/21/2012 c1 Copper
Nice story plz make very long
10/1/2012 c4 Guest
11/30/2011 c4 yayubaru1
SO CUTE! please please please update soon? it's too cute!... and i want more of Tornac's craziness mixed with Eragon's cute obliviousness.
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