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3/25/2010 c12 3barryscaitlinn
update soon! its getting even more exciting. :D
3/12/2010 c12 Tess
This is really good! I am glad you did the whole adopted thing with the story-it adds a lot to it. And lol when you put the quotes over mom and dad at the last chapter! :D Update soon!
3/12/2010 c12 165Not Just a Nerd
Liked the chapter... update soon
3/6/2010 c11 karin
S'mello(hello)! it''s been a while. i'm so happy you updated the story.

anymooser, u r AMAZING! last time i read your story the story left off saying alex was adopted. but then you made all these new chapters about alex finding her parents.

this my opinion but u should put more Jalex moments. huga huga!

I'll see u later!
3/6/2010 c11 Not Just a Nerd
I like how this story is progressing... update soon...
2/27/2010 c10 jazzyjazz07
Such a cliff hanger! Update soon, I loved it, you're a fantastic writer!
2/26/2010 c9 15Autumn.Daydream
this story is actually good. Wish I would have read it early on. Keep up the good work and update soon!
2/25/2010 c9 juliet
2/24/2010 c9 3jalex232
oh! what did they lie about?

your story is great! usually i don't like te ones that make them adopted, but with your story i am hooked :D
2/23/2010 c8 LysserNeyy
really good story :)(: update soon please!
2/21/2010 c8 karin
hi! karin is here and i'm bringing down a reveiw

i love how you added so much drama about alex being adopted. in the next chapter you should put something REALLY SUPRISING about alex and the put some couple moments and dad right after it.

i am karin and i am your motivater! no matter what happens nothing will stop me(except school)! you might have the best w.o.w.p story on fanfic if you let me movtivate you and make more chapters!Who knows! see you soon! arigato(that's a actual word)! huga huga!
2/21/2010 c7 karin
hi! i'm kinda famous on fanfic but i'm kinda young.

we're off topic

anyway, i like your story! its really good. you should add more couple moments and reveal the couple to everyone(i'm only on chapter six, so if you already reveal the couple i'm sorry) also, put more max and harper in the story.

huga huga(that is how i say cool)

keep up the good work!bye!
2/20/2010 c8 jazzyjazz07
OMG! She's adopted, I can't believe it, but yay, drama! I love it, update soon please!
2/17/2010 c7 jazzyjazz07
I really don't have any ideas, but all I got to say is write what you feel. Let it take you down the road it takes you...
2/16/2010 c6 jazzyjazz07
...umm that was really fast...and just the thought of it creeps me out, but it's a story, and not real, so it was an awesome chapt!
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