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10/20/2010 c3 mwjen
Great to see this story continued, thanks for posting.
10/20/2010 c3 3kamikage86
I loved this update, and the Star Wars universe is now officially changed, please update again soon, I almost forgot about this story because you took so long.
10/20/2010 c3 7Cloud Dancer1014
-Yay! You updated! You're alive! Mind you, it's not the long awaited continuation of Polarity or Fly me to the Moon, but still, this is something to celebrate about!

I'll tell you what I think of your new story when I can read it. I'm low on time right now . . .

Happy writing, and update soon!
9/18/2010 c2 27SSJ-Jolt
It would probably take the Rebels some time to start producing Veritechs, but they could certainly modify thier torpedos and concussion missiles and add shields to the existing Veritechs (with the Veritechs being able to focus the shields on the hands for Pin Point Barrier Punchs, perfect for dealing damage to AT-ATs).

Once the companies that build the Rebel's fighters are set up they could start cranking out the new machines. As for what machines... VF-11B as a Fighter/Bomber (basicly acting as Y-wings and B-wing style fighters) with VF-25 Messiahs as Intercepters (like the X-Wing and A-Wing). All with Pin Point Barrier Punchs... cause punching is just cool... Luke's could have a giant Lightsaber...
8/31/2010 c2 5hellhound-d.o.w
Now that is an original idea. I've seen Robotech crossed with many things, Star Wars crossed with many things, but never crossed with each other. I can't wait to see what else you come up with for this story. I've been a fan of Robotech since the very beginning, although I disliked The Shadow Chronicles movie, had more of a preference for the books. My favorite vehicles, though, are the original VF-1's and the Cyclone motorcycles. The Hovertanks are nice, but not as good as either of those. Keep up the good work.
8/22/2010 c2 a
keep it going.
8/22/2010 c2 ray
chapter 3, when will be up.
6/10/2010 c1 red
love the story
5/30/2010 c2 Trife
Interesting story. Please update soon!

5/20/2010 c2 2songoku778
this story rocks keep it up i like it
5/14/2010 c2 GeshronTyler
Well, I liked the first couple of chapters. So far I don't see any glaring problems, and I don't have any emotional investment in the relative technology comparisons between Robotech and SW. Heck, I don't care if its Robotech or Macross, either. ^_^ I do wonder about protoculture supplies though. If I remember my Robotech backround properly, the transformation capabilities of Veritech equipment depended on Protoculture, and as far as I know, there is only one Matrix that can produce more, and its in a galaxy far far away. I suppose you might be able ignore that, or find some kind of Force-tech equivalent, if as it seems, that Jedi are quite compatible with Veritech/Protoculture.

Well, its just the beginning anyway. Thanks for the chapter, read you next time.
4/18/2010 c2 8Robo Reader 21
Why u stop updating man this story is good. I have problems with u using Robotech instead of Macross but its your story and I like it. I'm waiting to read about a bunch of TIE fighters getting beaten by some Veritech fighters.
4/12/2010 c2 red
love the chapter
3/31/2010 c1 KCKitsune
This is a decent story. The only "problem" I have is that you're going to need a way for the Robotech guys to power their veritechs. They don't have either Protoculture or a Protoculture Matrix in which to make more.

Now about your poll... give the veritechs star wars technology. The Star Wars people need time to build the production facilities to make veritechs. The REF people just need upgrades.
3/27/2010 c1 Chriswriter90
Each Veratech fighter is loaded with dozens of missiles and Tie-Fighters/ T-Intercepters don't have shields. Theoretically a single fighter can take an entire Tie squadron.

I can foresee the Imperials steeping up production of Tie Avengers and Missile Boats. Not to mention trying to figure out how to build a transforming Fighter of their own.

That's not entirely impossible, unsold Ties would have their wings removed and replaced with treads to become light tanks. Some people in the Empire DO think outside the box.
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