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2/20/2010 c6 25LuvMeOrHateMe
2/18/2010 c6 14Bookworm290
cool chapter, i love nigi's and rima's connection. it makes theire relationship just that more complicated and funny. the rule of won sounds like a very scary book...mot sure if i want to read it, but i bet i'll end up looking for it later XD update soon, please!
2/10/2010 c5 Bookworm290
what colour had nade dyed her hair? and poor nagi! i feel bad, but why's he scared of amu at the end? is it cuz she still thinks he was nade?
2/6/2010 c5 13hopexescaliber
lol! so is Loki like in the Norse mythology god of mischief? it really reminded me of mythical detective Loki either way i can't wait for the next chappy!
2/6/2010 c5 16Goose-chan
*gasp* bad Nade! How could you do dis to your hawt brother? lol, keep up da aweshumeness~

2/5/2010 c4 14Bookworm290
haha, loved this chapter. chouko-chan kinda scares me a bit. lol. when i was reading the beginning of the chapter, i was all like, 'la dee da dee da-AHH!' that was when yoko-chan spazzed at rima. i kinda half-fell off my chair in surprise, then laughter. hey, wait. rebbecca sounds nothing like ikuto...huh? and that english story thing sounds interesting...and WAY better than my english class. all we do is read(which i guess is okay) then take multiple intelligence tests...yeah...
2/5/2010 c4 13hopexescaliber
who's loki? actually i really like that name^-^ reminded me of an anime anyways can't wait fort he next chappy^-^!
2/4/2010 c4 3Unconsciously me
I like the story so far, but your OC character... Yoko is kinda a mary-sue other than that its GREAT
2/4/2010 c4 16Goose-chan
Yay! You gotta love Nagi's messed up family XD

2/2/2010 c3 14Bookworm290
lol, nail filer thingy. you might want to destroy all of those in your twon, just to stop your friend...or slow her down, at least. XD good chapter, can't wait to find out who rei's! gonna beat up! it should be funny. i like rei. similar to her actions, she's funny. update soon, please!
2/1/2010 c3 13hopexescaliber
eh, how did he go back to his house? anyways can't wait for the next^-^!
1/31/2010 c3 6Kichi-Baka
So chouko has bad luck!

I thought it was funny how they were talking about nagi's house

and they ended up in Nagi's house! xD
1/28/2010 c2 14Bookworm290
haha! lol, rima's so funny. the flashbacks are cool and sad. awesome so far! please update soon!
1/25/2010 c2 13hopexescaliber
chouko got on my nerves this quickly somehow hehehe
1/24/2010 c2 6Kichi-Baka
Aw, you made me wonder why that Chouko girl is jealous and locked them up in a closet and said Die!

I'm guessing i won't like her that much? Obviously! xD
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