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8/12/2015 c2 mama's angle
Can you please update soon.
6/20/2013 c2 ImagineAvenue123
You absolutely cannot give up on this story!
5/15/2012 c2 yuileekx
DUDE! I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS STORY! It's one of the rare good sandlot fanfics. It's well written with an interesting plot. I beg of you, even though it's been forever to please continue this!
7/1/2011 c2 1ShyParamoreLove666
love it! next chapter plzz!
1/29/2011 c1 Izlye
Please update this story! I think it has some real potentail and may turn into one of my favorites.
9/26/2010 c2 ShamelesslyUsed
*claps hands* This is great so far! Please update soon! X3
9/5/2010 c2 6JainaZekk621
This is great! =D
8/10/2010 c2 8Spot'sGalFrom1899
Haha awesome story! Hope you update soon it's been months! Mind updating the stories I reviewed for my B-Day? It's in 9 days ;-) lol Update soon!
7/12/2010 c2 Sayuri-miko-dog-demon
hey keep going i really want to know what happens next plz
6/21/2010 c2 32hot chocolate mess
nice story

mi like alot
5/31/2010 c2 cheshirekadi
i like it cant wait for the next chapter
4/2/2010 c2 3Meggi04
Please update! I love it! :)
2/22/2010 c2 Fly.With.Me. NJ
Love it!

You have to update soon please :)
2/11/2010 c2 1Whatever Way the Wind Blows
great story, plz update asap. i really wanna see how this goes.

2/6/2010 c2 Water vs. Fire
Of course i like!

I'm just now getting hooked on sandlot stories.

If, u hav any, could u tell me a fav. of ur's? I don't really no what 2 read.


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